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P3STEEL by HTA3D - DIY Kit -20%
P3STEEL by HTA3D – DIYThis kit contains the necessary parts to build the P3STEEL red..
475.00€ 379.00€
text_tax 313.22€

HTA3D Single Extruder - optimized for flexible filament - Mk8 and V6 -2%
HTA3D Single Extruder - optimized for flexible filament - Mk8 and V6 Based on:  http:..
55.99€ 54.99€
text_tax 45.45€

1. GALVANIZED STEEL FRAME (3MM): Laser cutting of a high-quality galvanized steel sheet, accord..
text_tax 61.15€

Prusa i3 Rework - DIY Custom Kit -23%
Prusa i3 Rework – DIY Kit This kit includes all the needed components for the construction of Prus..
350.00€ 269.00€
text_tax 222.31€

Borosilicate tempered glass 213x200x3mm -38%
The borosilicate glass has a coefficient of expansion of approximately one third of ordinary glass, ..
12.99€ 7.99€
text_tax 6.60€

Ramps 1.4 - Repap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield - IRF3205 Mosfet -40%
RepRap Pololu Arduino Mega Shield or RAMPS. It is designed to connect all the electronic components ..
14.99€ 8.99€
text_tax 7.43€

PLA Filament Easy Printing - 1,75mm - ALL COLORS Materials 3D New!
CHARACTERISTICS: Filament based on PLA 3D850.Its main features are its ease of printing and cerami..
text_tax 15.66€

Electronics kit with configuration tool based on Ramps and Arduino -9%
With this tool we provide an easy and convenient way to configure your electronic kit based on your ..
39.49€ 35.99€
text_tax 29.74€

These precision pulleys are designed especially for the extrusion of the filament, its tiny teeth al..
text_tax 2.88€

V6 Dual Hotend - Chimera Style - 1.75mm filament -54%
V6 Dual Hotend compatible with bowden systemFeatures:Compatible with V6 components, such as nozzles ..
96.80€ 44.95€
text_tax 37.15€

Teflon tube (PTFE) for 1.75mm filament IØ 2MM / OØ 4MM - 10cm -59%
It is used for extruder systems based on Bowden.Nominal dimensions:Inside diameter: 2mmOutside diame..
0.70€ 0.29€
text_tax 0.24€

Lm8uu Lineal bearing -29%
Bearings LM8UU stardard, which are used in reprap printers for the linear movement using smoth ribs ..
1.20€ 0.85€
text_tax 0.70€

Extruder Nozzle 1.75mm 0.20mm to 1.00mm -50%
These nozzles perform the function of extrusion of melted plastic in 3D printing process.They are co..
3.99€ 1.99€
text_tax 1.64€

608zz Bearing -67%
Bearings 608zz standard, which are used in printers in the extruder “Greg’s wade” and its derivative..
1.49€ 0.49€
text_tax 0.41€

MR105zz Bearing -80%
Bearings 605zz standard  are used in printers for Direct Drive extruders or axis movement.Nomin..
1.95€ 0.39€
text_tax 0.32€

DRV8825 - Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, High Current -62%
The DRV8828 is a driver for stepper motors, with a resolution of 1/32 steps.Datasheet: https://..
8.99€ 3.39€
text_tax 2.80€

623zz Bearing -58%
623zz bearings used in printers mainly for X and Y axes.  Nominal dimensions: Inside dia..
0.93€ 0.39€
text_tax 0.32€

Mechanical Endstop -41%
Mechanical EndStop with cable and 3-pin connector.  1 Piece ..
2.99€ 1.75€
text_tax 1.45€

Lead Screw Dia 8MM Thread 8mm Length 300mm/400mm with Copper Nut New! -27%
Lead screw 8mm diameter with copper nut is used for the movement of the Z axis in 3D print..
15.00€ 10.99€
text_tax 9.08€

3010 Fan - 5 Blades New! -37%
Fan Specifications 3010Size: 30x30x10mm5 bladesConnector: pHNominal Current: 0.08 ± 10% AmpRate..
3.00€ 1.89€
text_tax 1.56€

MK2A Heatbed 300x200mm New! -9%
MK2b Heated Bed The hot bed is responsible for heating the bottom of the 3D printer, so that the p..
32.99€ 29.99€
text_tax 24.79€

Borosilicate tempered glass 300x200x3mm New! -47%
The borosilicate glass has a coefficient of expansion of approximately one third of ordinary glass, ..
16.99€ 8.99€
text_tax 7.43€

Nema17 - 17HS4401s - Tr8x8-310MM - Stepper Motor with trapezoidal spindle New! -12%
Precision motor T8x8 trapezoidal screw integral with the shaft. By eliminating the need for flexib..
44.99€ 39.50€
text_tax 32.64€

Thermal paste - 6g New!
It is commonly used to increase performance in Hotends All metal , is applied between the throat and..
text_tax 0.21€

Cable Terminal - Hole for M4 - Type Eyelet New!
It is commonly used to make connections to the power supply safely...
text_tax 0.10€

Igus DryLin® RJ4JP 01-08 - Lm8uu Equivalent New! -55%
Linear bearing made by the german company Igus specially developed for the subtituition of the LM8UU..
2.76€ 1.24€
text_tax 1.03€

ABS Filament Special Conductive - 1,75mm - ALL COLORS Materials 3D New!
CHARACTERISTICS: This filament is a thermoplastic electrical conductor compound based on ABS. Cond..
text_tax 8.22€

All Metal Hotend V6 for 1.75mm filament -43%
-Advantages:  It can print any material: From PLA, due to it thermical barrier made of&..
59.95€ 33.99€
text_tax 28.09€

12864 LCD Full Graphic Smart Controller -26%
12864 LCD for an independent printing. This Full Graphic Smart Controller contains a SD-Card ..
24.99€ 18.49€
text_tax 15.28€

Nuts and Bolts for Prusa i3 Rework -12%
Prusa i3 Rework Nuts and Bolts:Bolts:41 x M3x14​3 x M3x244 x M3x306 x M4x201 x M8x30Washers:53 x M3 ..
20.00€ 17.50€
text_tax 14.46€

Nema17 - 17HS4401 Stepper Motor -13%
17HS4401 Stepper MotorLight stepper motor with great capacity of torque, ideal for 3D printers.The r..
15.99€ 13.95€
text_tax 11.53€

P3steel Printed Parts -33%
KIT P3STEEL ABS PRINTED PARTS Components: -Extruder:     Body,..
24.00€ 15.99€
text_tax 13.21€

HTA3D Blog - Latest Articles
The Hotend - Functioning and Zones

The Hotend - Functioning and Zones

Juan J 26/08/2016 0
 The Hotend is the element of the 3D printer which function is to melt the filament.  The filament is introduced in solid state into one end and it is extruded by the opposite end in a controlled manner.  There are many different types on the market, but they all have three zones in common that we can identify as: Cold End:  It is the zone in charge of keeping the balance of the temperature, it avoids that the heat spreads all over the hotend and that it reaches the extruder.  In the current mod...
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Fátima 25/08/2016 1
 We introduce you one of our latest printings as followers and users of Pokémon Go.  As you can see, it is an assembly of different pieces in three different colours that, with the aid of a small coil and a short segment of filament, it opens and closes itselft smoothly. Whether it works, it only depends on your ability as Pokémon coach!   You can find the link to the stl file on thingiverse:  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:411193  The printing parameters are:  3D Printer: P3steel HTA3D  Layer...
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Web renewed!

Web renewed!

Francisco 12/08/2016 1
 We have renewed the design of our website in order to make the browsing more convenient and faster. The item catalog, the user account, the purchase history, addresses and any other additional configuration has remained unchanged. Some of the most important improvement are: New web engine, more efficient and optimized for mobile devices. Descriptions of the articles have been improved, with live update of the final price according to the options selected. Payment gateway in a single click, fast...
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