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3D Printing Service

3D Printing Service
3D Printing Service
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3D Modeling Service

We design your piece or project for subsequent 3D printing.

If you need a 3D model we will make it for you.

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Fast Service
You will receive your expert assessment in less than 24 hours. All our equipment is in stock, so we can get your order up and running immediately.
Personal Attention
For us every project is special, and we strive to give you the best service, including recommendations on material and positioning of parts.
Specialised equipment
Our team with more than 6 years of experience in the sector will help you to make your project a reality. Be it: decorative models, prototypes, small series, or even parts of products.
Unbeatable prices
We have the best prices in the professional market, look no further.

Wide catalog of materials in real Stock

We have a large assortment of materials, from the best brands, such as Sakata 3D, Winkle, Recreus, etc. If you wish, we can advise you on the ideal material for the application of your printed pieces.
The most widely used material in 3D printing, it is biodegradable, easy to work with and offers precise results. Ideal for decorative figures and large pieces for indoor use. It is rigid and does not stand up well to the elements.
Technical PLA 3D850 and 3D870
Technical PLA 3D850 and 3D870
It offers better mechanical properties than normal PLA, higher flexibility and impact resistance, ideal for mechanical parts used indoors, for non-demanding applications, and prototypes.
It is a material that has marked a before and after in 3D printing, although somewhat more complicated than PLA, it works very well resulting in precise printed parts. Mechanically it offers similar results to injected ABS, although with a little more flexibility. Ideal for mechanical parts such as 3D printer parts.
A difficult material to work with for large parts, but can have a very good application in small parts for demanding applications. It is resistant to chemicals, water and impact.
We have several types of flexible materials with different degrees of flexibility and properties. Ask us without obligation, we are likely to have the material you need.
Technical materials, ASA, HIPS, PP, etc.
Technical materials, ASA, HIPS, PP, etc.
Our catalogue does not end with the standard materials, we have other materials such as ASA, excellent weather resistance even in the sun. PP, very high impact resistance. etc.

Service details

Our Prices

We calculate the price of printing based on two variables: material and time.



Cost of printing time1€* / Hour


Material cost:

PLA30€* / kg
ABS30€* / kg
PETG32€* / kg
TPU40€* /kg
Filaflex75€* /kg


Applicable discounts:

This service is part of our discount policy, so you can get up to 10% discount as it is considered a component, more information here.


Minimum order:

In addition, a minimum order quantity has to be considered, depending on the colour and materials used.

We have three levels for the minimum service:


 Materials and colours:Minimum import:


PLA: White Black Red Blue
ABS White Black
PETG Black


PLA, ABS, PETG: Other colours.

SpecialPP, Flexibles, colour changes in the same print, etc.>35€*

 *Amounts excluding VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which type of file can we print?

The parts and models must be sent in STL format, which is a standard format for 3D printing. The most of the programs can export any model to a stl file. 


Any model can be printed?

No, although 3D printing is very es muy versatile, there are models that can't be printed for different reasons. The main features to take into account: 

  • The model must be a closed mesh, as opened mesh or several mesh together the programs can have troubles to identify which areas are inner or outside areas. 
  • The geometry of the model must be valid; hanging areas, called "bridges", and areas which have hanging material must be minimized. 
  • Thin walls should have a minimum of 0.8mm of thickness in order to allow the extruder to print a minimum of two lines. Thinner walls may become irregular and/or fragile.

We will inform if the model has any error or complication; and also if it is printable. 


This service doesn't include any modification in the models, the models must be sent ready to be 3D printed.

Request a 3D Printing Budget

Please fill out the following form, indicating any particular requirements that you may need, such as color of pieces, need of supports, orientation of the pieces or any other. Attach the STL files using a tool in the cloud, such as: wetransfer, dropbox, google drive, mediafire, etc.

3D Modelling

3D modeling service for your projects.

If you have an idea but do not know the mechanical design tools, you can send us a detailed plan with all the measurements and we will make the design for you for subsequent 3D printing.

If you have a piece that you want us to duplicate (either because it has deteriorated or you need a copy), you can send it to us and we will make the 3D model to manufacture later with our 3D printers.

Steps to follow:

Tell us about your project
Tell us about your project

Send us your project drawings or part that interests you. If it is a duplicate of a piece and you do not have the drawings, send us photos where all the details of the piece are appreciated.

Tell us a little about the characteristics of the piece and its use, so that we can advise you on materials.

We will contact you with a 3D Modeling budget and 3D Printing estimate.

We design your 3D model
We design your 3D model
Once the budget is accepted, we will begin with the modeling of the part. As soon as we have it, we will show it to you so you can validate it.
Ready to print
Ready to print
Once the 3D model has been validated, we will send you the final budget for the 3D Printing Service and we will materialize your idea or project.

Price and considerations

Price: This service has a cost of € 25.61 (+ VAT) per hour, the minimum being half an hour (€ 15 + VAT).


  • In the validation step, up to two minor modifications will be accepted, if a modification is required that affects time increments, it will be billed separately.
  • Once the piece is printed and sent, we are not responsible for incompatibilities due to errors or absence in the drawings or data provided.
  • If once the piece is received, it requires some modification and new printing, we will present a 3D Modeling and 3D Printing Service budget again.