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About HTA3D

HTA3D is a company especializad in Reprap 3D Printers e 3D Printing.

In 2014 HTA3D was born, located in Estepona, Málaga (Spain). Initially, selling printed parts and components from our eBay profile. Gradually, thanks to our customers and the continuous pursuit of their satisfaction, we achieved an outstanding position in the market.

Nowadays, we have a wide catalogue of components, from which you can choose each component of your 3D printed in a customized way, complete DIY 3D printer kitss with writen and video documentation, and all kind of consumables, as a great filament catalogue.

As Confucious said: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life". And in HTA3D, as technology lovers, we feel lucky expending our hours and efforts in this evolving technology that offers so many opportunities and alternaties. And from this gratitude and satisfaction emerges our desire to do the things right, improving every day, offering the best to our clients. 

3D Printing technologies are continuously growing, and its evolution depends on all of us. Therefore, we believe extending its use to an everyday level and making it reacheable to everyone is one of the best ways to help its development.

With the gaze staring at quality, in HTA3D our main objective is the development of 3D Printing offering an integral service. From the sale of 3D printers, components, filaments, accessories and 3D printing services, incorporating in our catalog the latest in 3D Printing and ensuring quality at competitive prices; to the improvement and implementation of the latest technologies of 3D printing to our printers, always offering sales and after sales services bearing in mind the customer and his satisfaction.