ABS Filament HI - Hight Impact - 1,75mm - Materials 3D

ABS Filament HI - Hight Impact - 1,75mm - Materials 3D


This material is a high impact ABS. 

With this ABS you'll be able to create durable parts, either wear parts subjected to continuous friction (gear), or parts that will suffer tensile (tension). 

It has the perfect qualities to print parts with mechanical characteristics. It has very good dimensional stability and excellent adhesion. 


- Extreme hardness 

- Highly resistant to impact 

- High quality surface finish and shine 

- Excellent mechanical strength and rigidity 

- Resistance to thermal deformation  

Print Settings:

Head temperature: 210 ° C - 245 ° C.

Bed temperature: 60C - 80C.

Technical data:

Density: 1.02 g / cm³.

Rockwell hardness: 92.

Tensile strength: 380 kg / cm².

Izod impact strength (6.4mm): 43 kg · cm / cm


1.75 mm


Coil vacuum packed with desiccant 

Print Settings (As reference)
Printing temperature210ºC - 245ºC
Heated Bed60ºC - 100ºC
Layer FanNo - Avoid using

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