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ABS Filament HI - Hight Impact - 1,75mm - Materials 3D

Characteristics: This material is a high impact ABS. With this ABS you'll be able to create durable parts, either wear parts subjected to continuous friction (gear), or parts that will suffer tensile (tension). It has the perfect qualities to print parts with mechanical characteri..

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ABS Filament high fluency - 1,75mm - Materials 3D -13%

ABS Filament high fluency - 1,75mm - Materials 3D

This filament ABS is a product that gives your parts very good dimensional stability, ensuring your printing job a homogeneous throughout the piece. It is very resistant to impact and retains its hardness to almost any temperature below the melting point. Its composition ensures your impres..

18.94€ 16.50€ Ex Tax: 13.64€

Flexible PLA - 1,75mm - Materials 3D -40% Discontinued

Flexible PLA - 1,75mm - Materials 3D

Premium PLA-F3 filament 100% biodegradable. Intermediate difficulty. It is characterized by good adherence to the bed and between layers.It has an intermediate thermal contraction, superior to other PLA filaments but inferior to ABS.Flexibility is also intermediate with respect to other fl..

19.95€ 12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.92€

PLA Filament Easy Printing - 1,75mm - Materials 3D - 1kg - Ingeo 3D850

CHARACTERISTICS:  Filament based on PLA Ingeo 3D850. Its main features are its ease of printing and ceramic finish. It is suitable for contact with food. It does not generate warping and ithas excellent adhesion to bed and between layers. This material provides your par..

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PLA Filament industrial engineering - PLA IE- 1,75mm - Materials 3D - Ingeo 3D870

Filament based on PLA Ingeo 3D870. New Ingeo PLA Formulation for 3D Filament Offers Heat and Impact Resistance Rivaling ABS and Processes and Prints with the Ease of PLAPess Release linkPRINTING PARAMETERS: - Extruder temperature: 200ºC - 230ºC - Bed temperature: Does not need (if..

11.95€ Ex Tax: 9.88€

PLA-LD 3D850 Filament - Light in the Dark - 1,75mm - Materials 3D

Filament with luminescent properties, it is able to absorb light and emit it when it is in the dark. Ingeo 3D850 Material Diameter: 1,75 mm Packaging:Coil vacuum packed with desiccant..

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TENAFLEX Tenacious and Flexible Filament - 1.75mm - ALL COLORS Materials 3D

TENAFLEX, Tenacious and flexible. Super resistant to bending, tension, compression, temperature and tearing. Highest quality finish, colour and gloss with easy printing.It is a material with a medium flexibility and high resistance, so its applications in radio control, drones, and in general pa..

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