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Compression spring for 3D printer - ID 4mm

The springs are used in 3D printers for different reasons, the main one is for elements that require a certain pressure, such as the extruder tensioner. In this way, the tension adapts to the differences of the filament diameter.Also used for items that require adjustment, such as the heatedbed...

0.17€ Ex Tax: 0.14€

Hobbed Bolt -67%

Hobbed Bolt

Hobbed Bolt for 3D printer, based on Reprap community design:  http://reprap.org/wiki/Wade's_Geared_Extruder#The_Hobbed_Bolt  M8 x 60mm knurled at a standard meassure, 25mm from the head of the bolt aproximately. This features are adapted to the last versions of Greg's Wade extrud..

8.99€ 2.99€ Ex Tax: 2.47€

Nuts and Bolts for P3Steel by HTA3D -53%

Nuts and Bolts for P3Steel by HTA3D

P3Steel by HTA3D Nuts and Bolts:1x Mk8 extruder pulley for 1.75mmScrews:M3x6 - 2 unitsM3x8   - 14 unitsM3x12 - 64 unitsM3x16  - 7 unitsM3x20 - 4 unitsM3x25 - 8 unitsM3x30 - 8 units + 1 fully threadedM3x35 - 1 unit (with spring and 2 was..

20.00€ 9.49€ Ex Tax: 7.84€

Nuts and Bolts for Prusa i3 Rework -12%

Nuts and Bolts for Prusa i3 Rework

Prusa i3 Rework Nuts and Bolts:Bolts:41 x M3x14​3 x M3x244 x M3x306 x M4x201 x M8x30Washers:53 x M3 (12 x DIN 9021)6 x M834 x M10 (4 x DIN 9021)Nuts:33 x M36 x M42 x M5 (stainless steel)1 x M834x M10Extra:4 x Heated BedSpecial Hardware Set Kit:Hobbed Bolt:More info2 x M3x40 partially t..

20.00€ 17.50€ Ex Tax: 14.46€

Nuts and Bolts for Wilson -37%

Nuts and Bolts for Wilson

WILSON NUTS AND BOLTSComposition: -51x M5x8-51x  M5 T Slot Nuts -4x M5 T Slot Nuts (They can be inseted after the mounting)-2x M5 Nuts-7x M4x20 + 7x M4 Nuts-11x M3x10-24x M3x14 (Black and allen)-10x M3x30-18x M3 Nuts ..

29.99€ 18.99€ Ex Tax: 15.69€

Special Hardware Set -33%

Special Hardware Set

Special Hardware Set: 2x M3x40 Partially threated bolts with springsM8x20 setscrew for the extruder idlerM3x10 setscrew small gear2x M5nylon nuts (in black or white) for Z axis. It is a great improvement, as nylon has an excelent abrasion resistance, also provides a s..

5.99€ 3.99€ Ex Tax: 3.30€