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During COVID-19

Since Sunday June 21 we are in the "new normality" in this new stage our main goal is to recover and regain our services to states prior to the COVID 19, and resume all our projects. 

  1. Stock of products: during the different phases of confinement the demand for 3D printing products has been very high, and the possibility of low supply, which has led us to stock shortages in some of our references, we plan to replace most of them in the months of July and August.
  2. Customer service: we have reinforced our staff to be able to continue providing the same service that has always characterized us: efficient and close. We are responding again to emails in less than 24 working hours.
  3. Logistical issues: transport companies are returning to normal, they are once again meeting the delivery deadlines in most shipments and the number of incidents is being reduced, it is possible that there will still be delays and very specific incidents. We had to disable some services due to COVID 19, these days we will enable them again as they become available to us. 
  4. New projects and catalogue extensions: in the coming months we will take advantage of the new entries of material to add new references, do not hesitate to visit us :).

Frequent questions:

  1. Can I order online as usual?
    Yes, we continue to work and provide our services, but due to the current logistics situation, the processing and delivery times of orders will be longer than usual in most cases.

  2. Are delivery times modified?
    As Coronavirus has been expanding, we have seen an increase in people shopping online. So the transport companies have a very high workload and this can lead to delays in deliveries.

  3. Can I still return products?
    Yes, you can fill out the following form:
    We will receive the request, but we will not be able to implement it until after the most critical days of the epidemic. Since the virus can remain for several days on metal and plastic surfaces, accepting returns now could pose a significant risk to our staff.

  4. How can I help with the situation?
    You can participate with different initiatives like this:
    Everyone can participate as much as possible, there are projects that require programmers and engineers, and other projects do not require any training, each person can contribute their grain of sand.
    You can also try not to saturate the services that are carrying the most load these days, avoiding unnecessary orders and / or non-urgent queries.