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During COVID-19

3D printing is proving very useful during the COVID-19 crisis, and from HTA3D we want to support all our clients and initiatives by contributing all our efforts to feed the EPIS production chain and that each one of you can count on us in these times difficult.

This situation is causing a large increase in the demand for products related to 3D printing, which puts great pressure on us as distributors and manufacturers. We will commit to do our best, but we need a little patience and understanding from you.

Frequent questions:

  1. Can I order online as usual?
    Yes, we continue to work and provide our services, but due to the current logistics situation, the processing and delivery times of orders will be longer than usual in most cases.

  2. Are delivery times modified?
    As Coronavirus has been expanding, we have seen an increase in people shopping online. So the transport companies have a very high workload and this can lead to delays in deliveries.

  3. Can I still return products?
    Yes, you can fill out the following form:
    We will receive the request, but we will not be able to implement it until after the most critical days of the epidemic. Since the virus can remain for several days on metal and plastic surfaces, accepting returns now could pose a significant risk to our staff.

  4. How can I help with the situation?
    You can participate with different initiatives like this:
    Everyone can participate as much as possible, there are projects that require programmers and engineers, and other projects do not require any training, each person can contribute their grain of sand.
    You can also try not to saturate the services that are carrying the most load these days, avoiding unnecessary orders and / or non-urgent queries.

Exceptional and temporary measures taken:

During the state of alarm we are working very hard to give the best service to our clients, but during this exceptional situation:

  • We cannot provide shipping or delivery forecasts, since the logistics situation at the national level is being affected. We also cannot dispatch the orders on the same day as before, since we have a significant queue of orders , all these orders will be shipped as quickly as possible, please wait for the shipping notification.

  • We cannot make modifications to the orders, since we have adapted our working system to the current situation, once the order has been placed it cannot be modified, neither the shipping data nor the articles of the order. If you need to change the delivery address, please contact the transport agency once the tracking has been received. Please double check the data entered on our website to avoid this type of problem.

  • Returns and incidents, please, if you have had any problem with any of the orders or you have to return a product, please notify us so that we can be aware of it, as soon as the current situation ends we will attend to all requests in order. We have to postpone these types of issues for security, since the virus remains for several days in metals and plastics, and in this case we could put our staff and, consequently, our customers at risk.

  • Order preparation time, these days we are taking a little longer, the simplest orders that do not require transformation (cutting, printing, etc.) are prepared in a queue that goes with just a couple of days of waiting. While those that require handling have a somewhat longer queue, between 3 and 10 working days, depending on the transformations that it requires.

  • Availability and stock, our website is programmed to automatically disable the items that are out of stock, these days some references such as the PLA is running out frequently, we replenish as much as possible, but it will take a long time to have all the stock available again We cannot respond individually or notify the replenishments of stock since the material reaches us as it is produced in the factories. Due to the additional load that our website has, a small stock mismatch may occur, in this case we would notify customers as soon as we realize it offering a solution.

  • Prices and wholesale orders, our prices have always been adjusted, and we have also frozen the prices of our items during this crisis, contrary to what many other companies are doing that are taking advantage of the situation to increase their profit margin, we We ethically believe that this is not the time to do this. The prices are those of the web, and the volume discounts we have always had:

  • We are treating all orders as urgent, you do not need to tell us that your order is urgent, we are working hard to get all orders out as soon as possible.

  • Doubts about specific items, on the web there is information about each item, some questions such as whether we can send the straps or the uncut Teflon are indicated in the description. Yes, it is sent without cutting, if you buy 3 meters a piece of 3 meters will be sent instead of 3 pieces of 1m. Please try to find the information on our website before asking ourselves in this way we can work more efficiently and all orders will be prepared before. The same happens with the firmware versions of our printer (they are on the web), and various articles on our blog where we explain frequent doubts.

  • Phone calls, the current situation forces us not to be able to answer the phone since all our staff is involved in the preparation of orders.

  • 3D printing service, we have been forced to pause this service, we only maintain it for medical prototypes. We hope to have it available for everyone soon.

We hope that this situation can be resolved as soon as possible and that we can return to normal.

About COVID-19
In the current health emergency situation our company will remain active in shipping and attending to the commitment to our customers. Hygiene and security measures will be extreme following the current medical recommendations, and we will comply with the advice and obligations, which authorize us to continue our work since many of our customers will continue to need our products and services. We cannot guarantee order preparation times due to stock-outs and supply difficulties. GLS cannot guarantee delivery times either. Shipments by post to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, international registered, changes and returns will be made after the end of the sanitary alarm period.