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eFil-HT Semi-rigid Filament - 1.75mm

eFil-HT Semi-rigid Filament - 1.75mm
eFil-HT Semi-rigid Filament - 1.75mm
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eFil-HT is the ultra-strong 3Dfils filament. It is the perfect alternative to most rigid materials on the market. It is a high performance material for 3D printing, with a higher abrasion resistance than nylon. As easy to print as PLA has excellent warping-free printing properties.

HT stands for high toughness, which is the property of materials to absorb impact without breaking. 

In addition, eFil-HT has excellent chemical resistance properties and is resistant to most solvents and acids.

On the other hand, it is also very resistant to abrasion being this property much superior to that found in other 3D printing materials such as PLA or Nylon.

eFil-HT is compatible with the rest of the eFil range so you can combine them in one print to get pieces with unique features.


Diameter tolerance: 0.05

Printing temp: 235ºC

Printing speed: 30-110mm/s

Heated bed temperature: off

Density: 1.21g/cc

Print Settings (As reference)
Printing temperature235ºC
Heated BedNot needed
Layer FanUse sparingly

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