Flexible PLA - 1,75mm - Materials 3D

-40% Discontinued Flexible PLA - 1,75mm - Materials 3D

Premium PLA-F3 filament 

100% biodegradable. Intermediate difficulty. It is characterized by good adherence to the bed and between layers.

It has an intermediate thermal contraction, superior to other PLA filaments but inferior to ABS.

Flexibility is also intermediate with respect to other flexible filaments, so it is a special filament with different properties from other filaments.

It also has special mechanical properties. You can give flexibility or stiffness to your pieces just by changing some printing parameters. 

You'll be surprised at its versatility. 

Head temperature: 175 °C and 190 °C. 

Bed temperature: 50 °C and 65 °C. Or higher for larger parts.




Coil vacuum packed with desiccant

Print Settings (As reference)
Printing temperature175 ºC - 190 ºC
Heated Bed50ºC - 65 ºC
Layer FanUse sparingly

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