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MK3 Ultrabase Aluminum 220x220cm 150W 12V High Power with thermistor and cables with glass with microporous coating

MK3 aluminum and glass with microporous coating.

The heated bed is an evolution of the conventional 3mm MK3 hot bed, being more powerful and lightweight, it has been designed to be used with the microposoro coating.

It has similar characteristics to MK2, for 12 volts:

  • Heated bed with 1.5 mm aluminum core.
  • The metal part is the upper print side and the black side is the lower side. It is recommended to insulate the bottom side with thermal insulation.
  • For 12 volt power supply.
  • Resistence = 0,9 Ω
  • Power = 150 W
  • With welded wiring, both thermistor and power cables.
  • M3x25 screws embedded in the corners.
  • It has 1 layer of 35μm of copper.
  • Maximum temperature with glass: 120ºC.
  • Weight with welded cable: approximately 245g.
  • Wires Length: 85cm approx.

This printing base is a glass with microporous coating that increases adherence. Also, you do not need clamps for placement.


  • Great adhesion: it is covered by microporous coating, which has an adhesion during printing. Once it cools, it's easy to take off.
  • Superplanitud of surface, fast and uniform heating.
  • Durability: the special coating is inorganic and has a hardness of 8 Mohs, and is capable of working at 400ºC
  • Easy to clean: Ultrabase is easy to clean with alcohol/water.
  • Size: 220x220x4mm
  • Weight: 482 grams


  • One of its two faces has an adhesive to be able to install it in the warm bed.

Temperature ranges (may vary according to brands):

  • ABS: 90-120ºC
  • PLA: 50-70ºC
  • PETG: 50-70ºC
  • Flexible Filament: 50-70ºC
  • PC: 100-120ºC
  • Nylon: 90-120ºC
  • PP: 100-120ºC


  • Properly level the warm bed before printing.
  • Prevent the nozzle from directly touching the surface of the glass.
  • Clean the surface with alcohol or water before using it, and when needed.

Este artículo contiene:

  • Heated Bed
  • Glass with microporous coating
  • 4 bolts 
  • Thermistor and wires welded

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