PLA Filament Easy Printing - 1,75mm - Materials 3D - 1kg - Ingeo 3D850

PLA Filament Easy Printing - 1,75mm - Materials 3D - 1kg - Ingeo 3D850


Filament based on PLA Ingeo 3D850

Its main features are its ease of printing and ceramic finish. 

It is suitable for contact with food. 

It does not generate warping and ithas excellent adhesion to bed and between layers. 

This material provides your parts: very good dimensional stability, stiffness, heat resistance, and a thin and shiny surface finish, hardly improved. 

Thanks to its rapid crystallization, you can print faster without deformation and with precise details. 


- Extruder temperature: 190ºC - 230ºC 

- Bed temperature: Does not need (if applicable: 50ºC y 70ºC) 


- Easy printing 

- No warping 

- Suitable for contact with food 

- High quality surface finish and shine 

- Excellent strength and stiffness 

- Fast crystallization 


- Density: 1,24 g/cm2 

- Fusion temperature: 165ºC – 180ºC 

- Heat distortion temperature: 144ºC 

- Tensile strength: 9,500 (65.5) Mpa 

All coils have individual case and are vacuum packed with a sachet of silica gel desiccant inside 

Diameter 1,75mm ±0.02mm 

Print Settings (As reference)
Printing temperature190ºC - 230ºC
Heated BedOff - 70 ºC
Layer FanYes - Recomended
MaterialPLA Ingeo 3D850

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