PLA INGEO 3D850 Filament - 1,75mm - Sakata3D

-35% PLA INGEO 3D850 Filament - 1,75mm - Sakata3D

PLA (polylactic acid) is a biodegradable polymer derived from renewable resources. It has gained much popularity in 3D printing. 

Raw Material: IngeoTM NatureWorks PLA 3D850* 

Extrusion temperature of about 180 °C - 210 °C 

Recommended temperature hot bed 0 - 60ªC 

(*: NatureWorks and IngeoTM are registered trademarks of NatureWorks LLC


- Excellent performance in both tensile strength and impact, with the advantage over the ABS which has lower thermal contractions and does not produce "warping". 

- Biodegrable material made from vegetable products and with low odor emision. 

- High resistance to temperature (110-120 degrees) so you can replace the ABS in many applications. 

- You can print without heated bed. 

- Quick crystallisation allowing higher printing speeds, also you will get more accurate parts. 


1.75 mm - 0.03 ±


Diameter: 195 mm

Height: 70 mm

Diameter central hole: 53 mm

Gross weight: 1.2 kg

Net weight: 1 kg


Coil vacuum packed with desiccant 

Print Settings (As reference)
Printing temperature190ºC - 220 ºC
Heated BedNo - 60 ºC
Layer FanYes, highly recommended.
MaterialPLA Ingeo 3D850

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