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Prusa i3 Rework - DIY Custom Kit

-23% Prusa i3 Rework - DIY Custom Kit

Prusa i3 Rework – DIY Kit

This kit includes all the needed components for the construction of Prusa I3 Rework.

Based on: 



  1. Acrylic Frame (10mm)

  2. Rods Kit

  3. Printed Parts

  4. Electronics

  5. Movement Kit

  6. Nuts and Bolts Kit

  7. Different available options


1. Acrylic Frame (10mm):

Laser cut of a high quality sheet of acrylic.

Two possible bearing configurations of heated bed:  3 or 4 bearings.

Two possible support configurations for heated bed: 3 or 4 points of support.

2. Rods Kit: 

  • 2x 380mm Threaded rod - Galvanized

  • 4x 210mm Threaded rod- Galvanized

  • 2x 370mm Smooth rod  – Stainless steel

  • 2x 350mm Smooth rod  – Stainless steel

  • 2x 320mm Smooth rod – Stainless steel

  • 2x 300mm M5 Threaded rod – Stainless steel

The cutting is done by hand, so that the meassure can be slightly higher (+ 1mm or similar) not lower. All rods are shipped without burr and the edges filed down properly.

3. Printed Pats:

  • Extruder (3,00mm /1,75mm):

    • Wade Extruder Body

    • Extruder Ilder

    • Gears

  • X Axis:

    • X Motor and X ilder

    • X Carriage

  • Y  Axis:

    • Y Belt Holder

    • Y motor

    • Y Ilder

    • Y Corners

  • Eje Z:

    • Z Bottom

    • Z top

    • Z Endstop Holder 

  • Fan Duct 

  • Arduino Washers

You can choose the colour, otherwise, we will ship them randomly.

4. Electronics

  • Mega 2560 R3 (Compatible) 16u2

  • Ramps 1.4 (we include aluminium heatsink)

  • Stepper Motor Driver DRV8825 x 4 (with heatsinks and thermal double-sided tape)

  • Heated Bed MK2B (12v/24v) (or the version you choose)

  • Thermistor 100k Ω  NTC 3950 (with 1m wire)

  • 5x Stepper Motor Nema 17 - 17HS4401/1703HS168A  (the rack has a flat part + wires)

  • Endstop x 3 (wired)

  • 1x 40 x 40 Fan for the electronics or as a layer fan.

  • 1x Hotend (V5 o V6) all metal with heater, thermistor, and 30 x 30 fan. Nozzle at your choice

  • 1x Heat shrinkable tube 2mm2

  • Wires for Heated Bed

Options (recommeded):

  • 12v 30a DC Power Supply with switch, printed part, 1m2 wire y power adapter

  • LCD with rotary encoder, SD reader y adapter for Ramps

5. Movement Kit:

  • 12x Linear Bearings LM8UU

  • 4x Angular Bearings 608zz

  • 1x Angular Bearings 624zz

  • 2x Couplers Shaft 5x5mm

  • 2m GT2 Belt made of neoprene with reinforcerd fiberglass

  • 2x GT2 Pulley, 20 teeth, aluminium

6. Nuts and Bolts Kit:

  • 1x Hobbed Bolt

  • 2 x M3x40 Partially treated bolts with springs

  • 1x M8x20 Setscrew for Extruder Ilder

  • 1x M3x10 Setscrew for small gear

  • 2x M5 Nylon Nut (Improvement) for Z axis movement, has excellent resistance to abrasion, it also provides a smooth and reliable movement.

  • Screws:

    • 41 x M3x14

    • 3 x M3x24

    • 4 x M3x30

    • 6 x M4x20

    • 1 x M8x30

  • Washers:

    • 53 x M3 (12 x DIN 9021)

    • 6 x M8

    • 34 x M10 (4 x DIN 9021)

  • Nuts:

    • 33 x M3

    • 6 x M4

    • 2 x M5 (inox)

    • 1 x M8

    • 34x M10

  • Extra:

    • 4 x Springs for Heated Bed

For the assembly we recommend the following instructions:










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  • All Metal V6 1.75mm
    The best option, it includes all the advantages of the latest design, more compact and a better temperature control.
  • All Metal V5 3mm:
    The most economical option, high quality and multilateral.
  • All Metal V5 1.75mm
    The most economical option, high quality and multilateral.


  • 0.2 – 0.8
    We offer a wide range to choose the most suitable for your application, about 0.4 are the most popular choices.
    Smaller diameters provide higher resolution and larger diameters print faster and stronger parts.

LCD with SD reader:

  • 2004 LCD Smart Controller
    Control your printer in real time, without a PC. Highly recommended option.
  • 12864 LCD Full Graphic Smart Controller
    Control your printer in real time, without a PC, also the most comfortable way. Highly recommended option.


  • Ramps 1.4.
    Without a doubt the most popular electronics for your 3d printer.
  • Ramps 1.4 SB
    All the attributes of the Ramps 1.4, with additional protections, and manufactured in Spain. And also with an appearance more attractive

Power Supply:

  • 12V 30A Ultra compact (With switch y printed part)
    The best solution to power your printer, compact, stable, and with power to spare. We also include switch, protector printed on PLA and power connector.
  • No
    If you want to recycle a PC Power Supply, this is your option.


  • 4x Clips for Heated Bed
    Used to adjust the glass to the Heated bed
  • Thermal Insulation for Heated Bed
    Increases the rate of heating of the bed, reduces energy consumption, and protects the electronics
    (We recommend to isolate with kapton the part in contact with the Heated Bed)
  • Filament ABS - 1Kg – Colour depending on stock – Diameter selected
  • Filament PLA - 1Kg – Colour depending on stock - Diameter selected
  • Tempered Borosilicate Glass
    An ideal base on which to perform your impressions, smooth and strong.
  • Kapton Tape 15mmx33m 
    Insulating tape resistant to high temperatures, highly recommended, as it serves both to insulate the connections (for example the Heated Bed) and to hold cables.

Connection Diagram of RAMPS 1.4:


The preparation time is only 24h


Now with the purchase of your 3D printing kit you will receive a filament coil of the new Ingeo 3D850 PLA as a gift!
*Size: 300 grams

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