Prusa i3 Rework Printed Parts


Printed parts:

-Extruder (3,00mm /1,75mm):
Extruder Body
Extruder Ilder
Gears (Improvement: These gears are helical and are specially designed for Prusa i3 Rework)
Budas Adapter (Extra: With this adapter you can use any Hotend Budas-Style)
Fan Duct 

- X axis 
X Motor
X ilder
X axis Carriage (This carriage uses four bearings LM8UU and it supports GT2 belts)

- Y axis 
Y Belt Holder
Y motor
Y Ilder
Y Corners

-Z axis:
Z Axis Bottom
Z Axis top
Z Endstop Holder 

Arduino washers 

You can choose the colour, otherwise, we will ship them in any available colour.

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All our kits are printed with high quality materials, producing very strong and durable parts.

  • Dimensional:

The gears are completely round and the teeth fit deeply.

  • ​Infill:

​All pieces have an approximately infill of 40% plus a minimum perimeter of 1 mm (lower, upper and sides).

  • Superficial:

All parts are inspected after being printed in order to look for flaws. They have, as it is natural, the characteristics of the 3D printing process.


Custom products

This product is prepared according to the customer requirements, thus, the handling time is between 24 and 72 hours approximately.

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