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PRUSA I3 REWORK STRUCTURE: Frame + Rods + Nuts and Bolts +Printed Parts + Movement Kit + Special Harware Set

-24% PRUSA I3 REWORK STRUCTURE: Frame + Rods + Nuts and Bolts +Printed Parts + Movement Kit + Special Harware Set

PRUSA I3 REWORK STRUCTURE: Frame + Rods + Nuts and Bolts +Printed Parts + Movement Kit + Special Harware Set

This kit contains the necessary parts to build the structure of a Prusa I3 Rework.

Based on: http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_i3_Rework_Introduction

This kit contains:

-The frame, Rods and Nuts and Bolts you will need to built your Prusa i3 Rework 3D printer.
-All Printed parts that you will need to build your Prusa i3 Rework 3D printer.
-All Bearings, belts, pulleys and flexible couplings that you will need to build your Prusa i3 Rework 3D printer.
-The Special hardware you'll need for this project and that hardly find in hardware stores or unspecialized shops.

1. Acrylic Frame (10mm):

Laser cut of a high quality sheet of acrylic.

Two possible bearing configurations of heated bed:  3 or 4 bearings.

Two possible support configurations for heated bed: 3 or 4 points of support.

2. Smooth and Threaded Rods: 

  • 2x 380mm M10 threaded rod 

  • 4x 210mm M10 threaded rod 

  • 2x 370mm Smooth rod 

  • 2x 350mm Smooth rod 

  • 2x 320mm Smooth rod 

  • 2x 300mm M5 threaded rod 

Quality / Calidad:

Smooth rods are calibrated and made of stainless steel, ideal to be used with LM8UU bearings.

M5 threaded rods are made of stainless steel for a high durability and accuracy (they are more rigid than galvanized or similar).

The cutting is done by hand, so that the meassure can be slightly higher (+ 1mm or similar) not lower.

All rods are shipped without burr and the edges filed down properly.


-Extruder (3,00mm /1,75mm):
Extruder Body
Extruder Ilder
Gears (Improvement: These gears are helical and are specially designed for Prusa i3 Rework)
Budas Adapter (Extra: With this adapter you can use any Hotend Budas-Style)
Fan Duct

- X axis 
X Motor
X ilder
X axis Carriage (This carriage uses four bearings LM8UU and it supports GT2 belts)

- Y axis 
Y Belt Holder
Y motor
Y Ilder
Y Corners

-Z axis:
Z Axis Bottom
Z Axis top
Z Endstop Holder 

Arduino washers 


All our kits are printed with hight quality ABS, producing that whay very strong and durable parts.

- Dimensional
The gears are completely round and the teeth fit deeply, bolt holes only need a bit of cleaning or no cleaning at all in most cases. 

- Filling
All pieces have a approximately fill of 40% plus a minimum perimeter of 1mm (lower, upper and sides).

- Superficial
All parts are inspected after being printed in order to look for flaws. They have as it is natural the characteristics of the 3D printing process.

You can choose the colour, otherwise, we will ship them randomly.


12x LM8UU linear bearing
4x 608zz Angular Bearings
1x 624zz Angular Bearing
2x 5x5mm Coupler shaft
2m GT2 Belt, Made of neoprene , fiberglass reinforced
2x 20 teeth aluminium timing pulley


Hobbed Bolt
2x M3x40 Partially treated bolts with springs
M8x20 setscrew for extruder idler
M3x10 setscrew small gear
2x M5 Black / White nylon nut for Z axis movement, great IMPROVEMENT. Nylon has an excelent abrasion resistance, also provides a more soft and reliable z movement.

6. Nuts and Bolts:


  • 41 x M3x14
  • ​3 x M3x24
  • 4 x M3x30
  • 6 x M4x20
  • 1 x M8x30


  • 53 x M3 (12 x DIN 9021)
  • 6 x M8
  • 34 x M10 (4 x DIN 9021)


  • 33 x M3
  • 6 x M4
  • 2 x M5 (inox)
  • 1 x M8
  • 34x M10 nut


    • 4 x  Spring for heatbed 

    You can buy one of our Hotends, with discount for this kit. 

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