Rockwool Thermal Insulation for Hotend

-73% Rockwool Thermal Insulation for Hotend

Rockwool Thermal insulation is used for heater block of the Hotend, helping to maintain the temperature. 

Thermal behavior

The structure of the rockwool contains dry and stable air inside, which acts as a barrier to heat transfer characterized by its low thermal conductivity, which is between 0.050 and 0.031 W / mK, isolating both low and high temperatures.

Fire behavior

Stone wool is non-combustible, with Class A1 according to the European classification of reaction to fire of building materials (Euroclasses). It is used as passive fire protection in buildings, because it preserves its intact mechanical properties even exposed to temperatures above 1000C.


Acoustic behavior

Due to its multi-directional elastic structure, rock wool stops the movement of the air particles and dissipate the sound energy, using as acoustic conditioner to prevent excessive reverberation and echoes. It is also used as an absorbent acoustic in "mass-spring-mass" system.

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