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Stock: In Stock Model: ABS 1.75mm
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a thermoplastic commonly used in multiple applications, including Lego bricks. Until the appearance of the PLA, the ABS was the material used in 3D printing.Raw material: Chi Mei PA-757/747R Polylac® ABS *Extrusion temperature of about 235 ° C - 256 ° CWe rec..
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Flexible FLEX filament X-920 Sakata 3D - 1.75mm
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Stock: Out of Stock Model: X-920 1.75mm SAKATA3D
The X-920 is a flexible, biodegradable and compostable copolyester. Its great capacity to absorb impacts makes it ideal for any project that needs to be resistant. Easy to print and with a high tolerance to temperature. Its texture resembles natural rubber.500 G COILDIAMETER 1.75..
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Stock: In Stock Model: HIPS-Sakata-1.75mm
HIPS filament is a thermoplastic with similar qualities to ABS but with a high resistance to atmospheric agents and a superior resistance to UV rays. Another interesting application is that it can be used as a support material, given its solubility in limonene.Printing temperature: 235-245 ºCBed tem..
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HR-PLA INGEO 3D870 Filament - High Resistant PLA - 1,75mm - Sakata3D HR-PLA INGEO 3D870 Filament - High Resistant PLA - 1,75mm - Sakata3D
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Stock: Out of Stock Model: PLA-3D870-1.75mm-SAKATA3D
Premium high resolution filament, easy molding, printing and engraving, high rigidity and low shrinkage.Recommended temperature 190º-220º. Variability of diameter +/- 0,03mm. Compatible with all FDM printers.Natureworks' polylactic acid under the Ingeo 3D870 brand name is a biopolymer that has envir..
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Stock: In Stock Model: PETG-Sakata-1.75mm
Premium high resolution filament, ease of molding, printing and engraving, high rigidity and low shrinkagePrinting temperature : 225-245ºCHot bed temperature : 60ºCSupported printing speed : up to 200mm/sDiameter variability +/- 0,03mmCompatible with all FDM printers..
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PLA INGEO 3D850 Filament - 1,75mm - Sakata3D
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Stock: In Stock Model: PLA-3D850-1.75mm-SAKATA3D
PLA (polylactic acid) is a biodegradable polymer derived from renewable resources. It has gained much popularity in 3D printing. Raw Material: IngeoTM NatureWorks PLA 3D850* Extrusion temperature of about 180 °C - 210 °C Recommended temperature hot bed 0 - 60ªC (*: NatureWorks an..
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Stock: In Stock Model: PLA-TEXTURE-1.75mm-SAKATA3D
This is a textured PLA based on natural fibers, easy to print and with a surprising finish.And with a pleasant smell of wood while you print.450 gram reel.Diameter 1.75 mm...
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