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Stock: In Stock Model: Smart Stick
Characteristics:One of the reasons why Polypropylene (PP) has not been too successful in 3D printing so far has been due to the difficulty of printing it, due to the high warping effect presented by common polypropylene filaments. Due to this problem the Spanish company "Smart Materials 3D" has been..
9.99€ Ex Tax:8.26€
Stock: In Stock Model: 4x-clip
These clamps are used to attach the glass to the hot bed, they are small and can be easily removed. Content: 4x reversible metal clamp  ..
0.99€ Ex Tax:0.82€
Stock: In Stock Model: Destornillador-Cerámico
Ceramic slotted screwdriver, designed for use in electronic components.Antistatic handleNot a driverAnti-magneticNo electromagnetic inductionNo induced current loss in HF (high frequency)Thermally and electrically insulatedTo choose the size of the screwdriver tip.1 unit..
2.25€ Ex Tax:1.86€
Stock: In Stock Model: Dimafix
Dimafix, spray used by 3D printers with FFF technology and heated bed.Properties:Provides great grip between plastic and glass, so warping is not a problem even on large ABS parts.You can print on all kinds of thermoplastic materials.The adhesion property will be activated when the temperature of th..
18.99€ 14.25€ Ex Tax:11.78€
Stock: In Stock Model: Pinza-abrazadera
These clamps are used to fix the glass to the heated bed, they are small and can be easily removed.They are designed to take up as little space as possible on the printing surface, thereby optimizing the printing area.Material: Stainless steelWeight: 2.6g1 unit..
0.99€ 0.58€ Ex Tax:0.48€
Stock: In Stock Model: Thermal-paste-6g
It is commonly used to increase performance in Hotends All metal , is applied between the throat and the heat sink. Pre - applied in our hotend V6. Specifications: White colour Operating temperature: -50/180°C Evaporation : < 0.001 % Thermal Conductivity: >1.22 W/..
0.25€ Ex Tax:0.21€
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