Wilson rods Kit


M8 Smooth stainless steel rods: 

  • 2x 370mm:  X Axis 

  • 2x 400mm:  Y Axis 

  • 2x 350mm:  Z Axis 

M5  Stainless steel threaded rods: 

  • 2x 325mm:  Z Axis  


Smooth rods are calibrated and made of stainless steel, ideal to be used with LM8UU bearings.

M5 threaded rods are made of stainless steel for a high durability and accuracy (they are more rigid than galvanized or similar).

The cutting is done by hand, so that the meassure can be slightly higher (+ 1mm or similar) not lower.

All rods are shipped without burr and the edges filed down properly.

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