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We are located in Estepona, Málaga.
We provide online service to all our customers so all orders are made through the web and delivered to the address indicated on the order.
Response in less than 24 hours
Our website is always active, we also answer all emails in 24 working hours or less, do not hesitate to contact us!
We call you
If you want to talk, we'll call you. Please indicate the reason for your question and an agent will call you as soon as possible.
Specialized technical attention
Are you looking for a specific material for your application and don't know which one to choose? Please indicate what you need and our team will help you choose the best material or component to suit your needs.

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Please complete the following form explaining briefly and concisely the reason for your question, do not forget to indicate the order number if you have made it.

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Tienda de Impresoras 3D, componentes y filamento
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