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Save time, as you will probably find your answer in the following questions:

You will receive a copy of the invoice in the email with the shipping confirmation. You can also download it from the order history as soon as the payment is verified.
All the orders made at are completely safe. All operations involving the transmission of personal or bankinh data are performed using a server with standar SSL (Secure Socked Layer). All the information you giives us will be transmitted encryted through the network. In addition, the credit card data will be registered in our database, but will be processed directly by the RedSys Point Of Sale Terminal (POS), or PayPal in the case.

We don't like making you wait, and we know how important is to receive your purchase on time, so we process every order in order of arrival. The majority of the orders are processed within 24 hours or less, according to the order queue. The orders with custom products may need an additional handling time as stated in every product description. 

Once we have the order ready to be shipped, we will do it using the chosen method according to destination: 

  • To España and Portugal mainland the courier agency is ASM, and the pickup is done daily between 4-5 pm. 
  • To Europe we use registered mail and courier agencies, depending on the weight. The courier agencies usually make the pickup within 24 hours after processing the order.
  • To EEUU and Canada, we offer registered mail and a faster shipping. 
  • To other destinations we use registered mail. If you can't place an order from your country, please, contac us using the contact form or to the email: [email protected]

Once the order is sent, in the most of the cases the delivery will take place in the estimated delivery date given with the tracking number. 

In order to make an order in our website, choose the products you are interested in and add the to the shopping cart through the button "Add to the Cart". When we place the cursor on the shopping cart we can see the products we have in, we can finish the purchase or continue buying. Once you have add the products you need, we can press "Checkout". Pressing "Checkout", you will get to our payment gateway, where you can find: 

  1. Login or register.
    We recommend registering an account, so you can check the transaction history, the products bought in each purchase, save your addresses, etc. 
    Registering as a client, you will be able to make your next purchase just by writing your email and password. 
  2. Personal Data
    Enter here your data so we can contact you and send your purchase. The fields marked with * are mandatory. If you are a company or self-employed, don't forget to data in payment address. 
  3. Shipping Method.
    In this step you must introduce the necessary data to ship your order. You will be able to choose the shipping method according to the destination. To some destinations there are more than one option. 
  4. Payment Method.
    You will be able to choose the payment method you prefer among: 
    • Credit card: safe payment through Redsys (2% discount).
    • PayPal: safe payment through PayPal (8€ + VAT minimum order).
    • Bank transfer: you can do it through your bank (2% discount).
  5. Shopping cart.
    Here you can find the products added. In addition, the breakdown: subtotal, shipping, discounts, VA and total. 
  6. Order comments.
    You can add any comment, as for example, in order to facilitate the delivery the schedule if the order is for a shop. 
  7. Our Terms and General Conditions and Privacy Policy. 
    We recommend to read them carefully and check the corresponding box. 
  8. "Place your Order" Button. 
    You will be sent to the payment gateway payment, and once introduced the payment data, the confirmation that the order has been processed correctly will be shown. You will receive and confirmation email and the sumary of your purchase. 

At the moment your purchase leaves our premises you will receive an email with the tracking information, so you can know the state of the shipping any moment. 

In the description of our kits, we include assembly instructions, with schemes and frequently asked questions. Please, consult the kit description: 

In this tab, you can find the necessary information for the assembly. If your doubt itsn't answered, please, email our technical department explaining your doubt or problem clearly: 


[email protected]


We will answer within the first 24 working hours. Please, don't forget to indicate the order ID so we can know your kit configuration. 

We issue and invoice for each purchase made, please, make sure you have introduced correctly the VAT number in your payment address, as well as the company name (or your name if you are a self-employed). You will receive a printed invoice with your purchase. 

Choose bank transfer as payment method. Thus, the order will be processed and you will receive the proforma invoice. If you need also a final invoice in order to make the payment, please, after placing the purchase contact us using the contact form or emailing us to: 

[email protected]

Yes, we ship to many destinations around the world, the rates will be automatically displayed at checkout and in the shopping cart based on the total weight of the order. In addition, for destinations where VAT is not applied, it will be automatically discounted.

We are sorry, but orders can not be modified after been placed. If you want make a return or exchange, please, contact us through the contact form once you hace received your order and we will indicate the steps to follow.

We are sorry, but we can not make modifications of the invoice once it has been issued. 


Please, complete your user data with the data you need to appear on the invoice: Name/Company name, ID/VAT number and address; as our system generates the invoices with the data provided by the customer.


If there is any mistake, please, contact us as soon as possible.

Yes, we have discounts for volume and payment method. That can reach 10% of the total order. Click here for more information:

We are an online shop and we only accept orders placed on our web which would be shipped.

We procced the purchases by entry order. To ensure this and that they are processed as soon as possible we can not accept purchases made at the shop which jump the preparation queue.

With regards to returns, we only accept returns of products sent by courier service or post office with tracking.

If you are having problems with a product you purchased from our online 3D printer store, we want you to know that we are here to help you. We want to make sure that all issues are resolved as efficiently and quickly as possible, so please inform us of any problems you are having with your product in a clear and detailed manner.

  • Detailed description: First, please describe in detail what problem you are experiencing with your product. Be sure to include any relevant information, such as the product model and any other details that may help us understand the situation. The more detailed your description, the better we will be able to help you.
  • Attach photos or videos: It is also very helpful if you can attach photos or videos that clearly show the problem you are experiencing. Pictures can help us identify the problem and determine the best solution.
  • Include pictures of the complete packaging, clearly showing the complete shipping label and the condition of the packaging, especially areas that may have been bumped or damaged.
  • Attach any files that may help us better understand the problem you are experiencing. This can include photos, videos, screenshots, or anything else you consider relevant

If it is an electronic item:

  • Do you appreciate any bad soldering?
  • I send pictures of the item on both sides, it is important that the pictures are well focused and framed so we can see the condition of the chips and their soldering.

Please note that the warranty of DIY products covers manufacturing defects, it does not cover damage caused by the user, for example (without excluding others):

  • Damage caused by a short circuit.
  • Incorrect connection.
  • Exceeding current and/or voltage limits.
  • Damage caused in the firmware / bootloader.
  • Damage due to overheating.
  • Problems caused by a software error.
  • Wait for our response: Once you have reported the issue, our technical support team will work to find the best solution for you. We will keep you informed at all times of the progress of the resolution of your issue.

In this case simply fill out the contact form.

We will answer your question within the first 24 working hours. Please, check your email to read our answer (also the unwanted folder).

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Please complete the following form explaining briefly and concisely the reason for your question, do not forget to indicate the order number if you have made it.

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