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Juan J 22 Jun 1 310
In this post we want to explain in a complete, clear and concise way the main aspects to calibrate your 3DSteel and obtain professional results. We will go a little beyond the basic concepts, but we will try to reel it as much as possible so that it does not turn out to be an overly technical reading.It should be noted that sometimes there are two ..
Juan J 23 Dec 2 1440
Perhaps at first glance this update may seem like a minor update, since visually the changes are not very visible, but in reality it is a great update, since we went from 8 to 32 bits, and from 12 to 24 volts. Additionally, we upgraded the controllers from the TMC2130 to the TMC2209 and the bed from an aluminum MK3 to a magnetic bed with inserted m..
Fátima 27 Nov 0 734
3DSteel V2, the ideal 3D printer for educational centers3D printing is becoming increasingly important in our world. From individuals who can manufacture custom objects to new forms of manufacturing for companies, which makes production more flexible. Therefore, the knowledge of its operation and use will be a very useful tool in the future of chil..
Juan J 28 Oct 3 2661
The new TMC2209 is another controller designed and manufactured in Germany by the company Trinamic.This new stepper motor controller is a further step forward in improving the motion of our 3D printers, enhancing in many ways the features of the popular TMC2208 and TMC2130 controllers.The TMC2130 incorporated StallGuard technology, which is used to..
Fátima 22 Oct 1 494
Heated Bed and Printing SurfaceThe heated bed and the printing surface is a very important part of our 3D printer. It is where the printed part is printed or manufactured, so a good choice will make our lives easier in our experience with 3D printing, avoiding problems such as warping.As 3D printers evolve new electronic and mechanical components a..
Fátima 04 Feb 2 9472
SKR v1.3 Board connections -  Quick guideThe world of 3D printing is in a moment of frenetic development, driven largely by the Maker community and the Open Source movement. One of the great advances made has been the adoption of 32-bit processors for the control of our 3D printers.These 32-bit processors offer many advantages over 8-bit processors..
Juan J 19 Aug 0 3082
3D printing as a service is one of the areas with the greatest future projection growth. This technology is more known every day and due to its advantages and the opportunities offered by its reception and implementation it is being very fast. Prototyping This is perhaps the application that first comes to mind when thinking about 3D printing, we h..
Juan J 13 Aug 0 4897
Lately, new drivers for the engines of our 3D printers are appearing on the market, which can cause some confusion among the newest users. So we are going to make a small guide to know the main types of controllers and their main characteristics.A4988Originally designed and manufactured by the American company Pololu, its use is widespread in 3D pr..
Juan J 29 Jul 3 7827
The power supply is one of the key components in our 3D printer. Sizing it well is a critical factor in the stability and durability of our printer.Differences between Nominal power and Working powerThis is perhaps the critical and most important point of this article since the power supplies are defined by their nominal power or their nominal inte..
Juan J 29 Jul 2 18631
Many customers frequently ask about different aspects of 3D printing, either when choosing one of our 3D printers, or because they want to make some modification to your 3D printers. Internet is full of information, sometimes confusing and contradictory. In this article we want to deal in a simple and effective way with all these doubts that are of..
Juan J 25 Jul 0 3361
What is PETG?It is a derivative of PET, one of the most used materials in the industry and in the world. It is the material used in rigid bottle containers due to its excellent mechanical and chemical properties.In addition, it is a recyclable material, so treated correctly the environmental impact of using this material in 3D printing can be very ..
Juan J 18 Jul 4 11003
Marlin 2.0 is now available. And, although it is still in the "beta" phase, in RAMPS it is stable enough to be used, and it has many important advantages over versions 1.1.X. These include:Complete compatibility with TM2130, including menus to adjust the intensity, operating mode, sensitivity for sensorless homing, etc.Improved acceleration and mov..
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