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22 May What you need to know about TMC2130
Juan J 0 159
What you need to know about TMC2130These are controllers for stepper motors designed by Trinamic (from Germany) especially for 3D printing.They are very advanced drivers that include first class technologies at a very affordable price. They can also easily replace the DRV8825 and A4988.They include the following technologies:SPIStep/DirMicrostep ta..
20 Mar What is to crimp? Method of joining cables without welding
Fátima 0 305
What is to crimp?  It is called crimp to the cable splicing procedure, especially used for telephone connectors. Crimper, is the tool used to crimp or corrugate two metal pieces and other malleable materials by deformation of one or both pieces. This deformation will keep them together in a very safe way. Using this system instead of weldin..
31 Jan 3DTouch assembly and configuration
Fátima 0 294
 3DTouch is an automatic leveling system for 3D printers that can measure the inclinations or variations of the printing surface in a precise and simple way. It is compatible with any type of surface: glass, metal, etc. since, unlike other systems, it works by contact, which is a great advantage over other capacitive, inductive and other se..
23 Jan How to select the best 3D Filament for your 3D printer
Juan J 0 114
How to select the best 3D Filament for your 3D printer Which filament should I choose? Is ABS or PLA better? What is the difference between a normal PLA and PLA 3D850? Can I print PETG with my printer?  These and many other similar questions are what our customers ask us, and they are very common doubts in 3D printing, in this article we will t..
17 Jan New Step by Step P3steel Tutorials
Fátima 0 146
We have created new step-by-step tutorials for the assembly of our P3steel, which makes it easier to keep the printer's assembly instructions updated.  The format of the tutorial is very visual and detailed, and are explained with precision the assembly of each component.  With this tutorial we intend to update the documentation and suppo..
19 Jun Cool Pull or Atomic Method: How to clean the nozzle of our 3D Printer
Fátima 0 143
Cool Pull or Atomic Method to clean the nozzle of our 3D Printer Cool Pull or Atomic Method is a technique to clean the nozzle. It can be done after a jam, or as a preventive cleaning after a change of material or many hours of printing.  With the Atomic Method technique, we can extract residues and/or burnt particles of filament from the n..
01 Sep Marlin Firmware Update in 3D printing - P3steel - Prusa i3 Steel with Arduino
Juan J 0 265
In this tutorial we are going to learn how to update the Marlin version of your 3D printer. Marlin is the firmware that controls your 3D printer, installed in the board, it is opensource, costless and very powerful. We offer updated versions configurated for our kits. Steps to follow: Download or update Arduino IDE.It is important u..
24 Aug How to print ABS?
Juan J 0 391
How to print ABS?   Its scientific name is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). It is considered a engineering plastic.   ABS filament is very popular in 3D printing and it was one of the first filaments to be used; although it is losing protagonism in favor of PLA, it is still a very interesting filament which offers great results if we work..
26 May How to Calibrate Stepper Motor Drivers
Fátima 0 199
How to Calibrate Stepper Motor Drivers  In this post we are going to explain how to calibrate the stepper motors drivers for our 3D printer.  We need: Power supply with power cable Arduino Mega + Ramps 1.4 1x Stepper Motor  Small ceramic screwdriver Stepper motor drivers to calibrateWe can do it in two different ways: measurin..
29 Mar P3Steel Dual Launch - Dual Prusa I3 Steel
Juan J 0 112
Many of you have asked us for a Dual P3steel kit, and today is the day: we have designed this kit for you. It is based on our popular P3steel, we have taken care of every detail in order to offer an easy assembled kit and easey to use, as well as very realiable.   Among its features we point out: It is assembled with the same frame we u..
10 Mar Compilation of useful links for 3D printing
Juan J 0 98
It is usual that new 3D printing users feel overwhelmed by the quantity of information we can find on Internet. There is a lot of  high quality information, but it is also quite easy to get lost and feel confused. On the other hand, advanced users may discover interesting things in these links. We will try to keep updated these links. And also,..
21 Feb How to connect the Stepper Motor - Quick guide
Juan J 0 416
The functioning and the connections of a stepper motor are simple concepts deeply.There are different types of stepper motors. In 3D printing the most used are "Hybrid Stepper Motor", with two phases and 4 connections; which combines the features of "Variable Reluctance Motor" and "Permanent Magnetizing Motor"In this video we can see the types ..
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