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3DSteel V2
New 3D Printer: 3DSteel V2
Evolution of 3DSteel with: SKR V1.4 with TMC2209 UART, 24V Power Supply, Leveling Sensor, HTA3D V2 Extuder, Magnetic Heated Bed and much more!
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HTA3D Extruder v2
HTA3D Extruder v2
Dual Pulleys, Leveling Sensor, Filament Presence Sensor, high quality components, designed and assembled in Spain.
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3D Printing Service
3D Printing Service
Fast service at the best price
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Original Igus Bearings
Igus DryLin®
Quiet original made in Germany bearings at the best price
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We not only sell 3D printing products at the best price, since we are manufacturers and direct importers, but we also send everything from Spain by express courier, with the option of free shipping. We design 3D printers and components, publishing plans and models contributing to the development of the Maker community through the Open Source movement. We offer technical assistance to all our products without extra costs. All prices show clearly the VAT, if you buy from the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, it will be cancelled in the Payment Gateway or Register the account.

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Extensive catalog and top quality in our selection of 3D printing filament.

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Meet our 3D printing products. We have from 3D printers in kit to small components such as screws, nuts, bearings, etc., and, of course, consumables such as 3D filament.
HTA3D V2 Extruder - Optimized for flexible filaments - Dual pulleys - Automatic leveling with 3DTouch
Recommended -29 %
Model: HTA3D-Extrusor
This extruder will be sent assembled, if you want to buy the loose components to assemble it yourself you can do it in this link.Main Features:Extreme..
99.00€ 69.99€ Ex Tax:57.84€
3DSteel V2 - 24V 32 bits 3D Printer - Evolution of P3Steel / Prusa i3 Steel
Brand: HTA3D Model: 3DSteel V2
Main Features:Pre-assembled kit without weldsFast and very easy assembly, which does not require knowledge of electronics or mechanics.We have simplif..
399.00€ Ex Tax:329.75€
Brand: SAKATA 3D Model: PLA-3D850-1.75mm-SAKATA3D
PLA (polylactic acid) is a biodegradable polymer derived from renewable resources. It has gained much popularity in 3D printing. Raw Material: In..
25.75€ 18.50€ Ex Tax:15.29€
Brand: Smart Materials 3D Model: SMARTFIL PLA 1.75mm
FEATURES: Biodegradable PLA filament with excellent mechanical properties and great quality in 3D printing. Ideal for those who start printing du..
18.00€ 15.12€ Ex Tax:12.50€
Filament manufactured in Spain for 3D printers with FFF/FDM technology. PETG is polyethylene terephthalate, with a modifier (Glycol-modified), which m..
12.50€ 11.99€ Ex Tax:9.91€
Brand: MKS Model: Monster8-MKS
MKS Monster8 is an 8 axis motherboard. The firmware support Marlin 2.0.x and Klipper. Hardware:MCU is STM32F407VET6, 168MHz, 512K flash, 192KB RA..
43.75€ Ex Tax:36.16€
Model: PrintedParts-Voron2.4-r2
Parts are printed after the order.Printed parts for the Voron 2.4 r2 Printer, developed by the team at VORON Design.Parts are printed in ABS as r..
109.99€ Ex Tax:90.90€
Brand: Trianglelab Model: Dragon-Hotend-SF
This hotend designed and manufactured by Trianglelab is comparable to a hybrid between the E3D V6 hotend and the Mosquito hotend:It has the format of ..
75.00€ Ex Tax:61.98€
Hotend V6 Compact All Metal 1.75mm - High quality components
Recommended -37 %
Brand: HTA3D Model: HotendV6-HQ
We have developed this product using the highest quality components available on the market today:Compact heatsink as standard, which reduces the leng..
39.00€ 24.50€ Ex Tax:20.25€
Brand: 3DLAC Model: 3DLAC
This spray has the function of holding the first layer of plastic on the hot bed when 3D printing begins.It is a perfect substitute for adhesive tapes..
7.50€ 5.90€ Ex Tax:4.88€
Basic PETG 3D filament - 1.75mm - 1kg
Brand: 3D Filament Model: Basic-PETG-3D-1.75
Super economical PETG with excellent value for money. This PETG stands out for offering mechanical properties much higher than PLA, in terms of workin..
17.99€ Ex Tax:14.87€
Brand: LDO Motors Model: Orbiter-V2
Orbiter V2.0 Extruder (1.75mm)The Orbiter V2.0 extruder gears are different from the V1.5 gears.Characteristics:Shorter drive gears: 11mm vs. 15mm.Str..
75.99€ Ex Tax:62.80€
Model: DIN-912-Tornillo
Cylindrical head screw with hexagonal socket (allen).Specs:Material: Steel (8.8).Finish: Black bluing.Thread Type: Metric.Regulations:ISO: 4762.DIN: 9..
0.00€ Ex Tax:0.00€
Brand: HTA3D Model: 3DPS
WE OFFER OUR 3D PRINTERS FOR YOUR PROJECTWe have extensive experience in FDM printers, getting results with high resolution and quality finishes. ..
1.00€ Ex Tax:0.83€
Model: Teflon-tube-4/2-10cm
It is used for extruder systems based on Bowden.Nominal dimensions:Inside diameter: 2mmOutside diameter: 4mmThe price is per 10cm, if you want it cut ..
0.12€ Ex Tax:0.10€
Brand: IGUS Model: Igus DryLin® RJ4JP 01-08
Linear bearing made by the german company Igus specially developed for the subtituition of the LM8UU ball linear bearings. The characteristics of..
2.76€ 0.99€ Ex Tax:0.82€
Model: LM8UU
Bearings LM8UU stardard, which are used in reprap printers for the linear movement using smoth ribs of  8mm. Depending on the number of bearings ..
0.45€ Ex Tax:0.37€
608zz Bearing
-73 % Out of Stock
Model: 608ZZ
Bearings 608zz standard, which are used in printers in the extruder “Greg’s wade” and its derivatives, and also used for the tensors in X-axis and Y-a..
0.99€ 0.27€ Ex Tax:0.22€
Brand: HTA3D Model: Rod-D8
Material: Stainless steel 304 Quality: H9 Precision cutting: cutting is done by hand, so the measure may be slightly higher, but will never ..
1.90€ Ex Tax:1.57€
Model: T 30-M5
T-nut or hammer shaped, is one of the most used in the aluminum profile system.It is inserted by the profile directly into the slot, rotates 90 degree..
0.09€ Ex Tax:0.07€
T-nut or hammer shaped for 20mm profile and M5 orifice - 20-M5
Out of Stock
Model: T 20-M5
T-nut or hammer shaped, is one of the most used in the aluminum profile system.It is inserted by the profile directly into the slot, rotates 90 degree..
0.08€ Ex Tax:0.07€
PLA Filament Easy Printing PLA-HD - 1,75mm -  WINKLE
Recommended -7 %
Brand: WINKLE Model: PLA HD 1.75mm
CHARACTERISTICS:  It is a filament manufactured in Spain for 3D printers with FFF/FDM technology. PLA is a biodegradable plastic obtained from na..
9.00€ 8.35€ Ex Tax:6.90€
Model: Nozzle-1.75
These nozzles perform the function of extrusion of melted plastic in 3D printing process. They are compatible with our hotends and popular V5, V6..
0.39€ Ex Tax:0.32€
Model: ISO-7380-Tornillo
Cylindrical head screw with hexagonal socket (allen).Specs:Material: Steel (10.9).Finish: Black bluing.Thread Type: Metric.Regulations:ISO~7380.ANSI~B..
0.00€ Ex Tax:0.00€

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