3D Printing Services


We have extensive experience in FDM printers, getting results with high resolution and quality finishes.

If you want to print Prototypes, Mockups or Custom Products ask for a quote and we will respond as soon as possible.

To contact us, please click on the image below and fill out the form.

How does it work?

Step 1 

We need you to send us the pieces you want printed. Thus, you can use our contact form: 


You can use a hosting service as, for example, MediaFire; so it won't be any trouble with the file sizes:



Step 2


We will send you a personalized budget.


Our rates are very simple and economical; we calculate the amount of material needed for each printing, as so as the printing time. Our rates are:


Printed material cost30€*/ Kg (PLA or ABS)
Print time cost1€* / Hour
Minimum amount5€* for each printing

*VAT taxes not included.


For example:


In this sample part (Raspberry Pi case) the printing is de 2:47 hours and 28,6 grams. 

The cost would be only 3.64€. It would billed in this case 5€ as it is the minimum amount (6,05€ VAT taxes included).

You can add more parts to the printing if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which type of file can we print?

The parts and models must be sent in STL format, which is a standard format for 3D printing. The most of the programs can export any model to a stl file. 


Any model can be printed?

No, although 3D printing is very es muy versatile, there are models that can't be printed for different reasons. The main features to take into account: 

  • The model must be a closed mesh, as opened mesh or several mesh together the programs can have troubles to identify which areas are inner or outside areas. 
  • The geometry of the model must be valid; hanging areas, called "bridges", and areas which have hanging material must be minimized. 
  • Thin walls should have a minimum of 0.8mm of thickness in order to allow the extruder to print a minimum of two lines. Thinner walls may become irregular and/or fragile.

We will inform if the model has any error or complication; and also if it is printable. 


This service doesn't include any modification in the models, the models must be sent ready to be 3D printed.