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Affiliation Terms and Conditions

HTA3D and its affiliation programme is free and allows the members to obtain incomes through the placement of links in their website advertising HTA3D or products of HTA3D. Any sale performed by customers who have clicked the links will gain the commission of affiliation. The standard commission rate is indicated in the following link:


HTA3D, under the domain ("HTA3D" henceforth), and on the other part ("AFFILIATE" henceforth), agree on the following terms of this contract of affiliation:

To become part of the HTA3D Affiliate programme, the user must request his admission following the instructions at:

and accept the conditions of the Affiliation Contract. Once confirmed the admission request, HTA3D will revise the website of the AFFILIATE before accepting him as affiliate, and HTA3D will give the commissions only to registered affiliates. HTA3D reserves the right to accept any application for affiliation.

HTA3D will revise also the registered website of the affiliate periodically, being able to interrupt this this Affiliation Agreement at any time, based on the found contents in the websites, according to the terms of the current contract. Particularly, HTA3D reserves the right not to accept affiliates, and to cancel accumulated commissions at any time, to webmasters of website with contents that violates the legislation, to those that send spam, although the spam is not related to HTA3D, to those that link our website from a different website that the ones mentioned when accepting the admission as affiliates, and those that do not respect the Terms and Conditions of the current Affiliate Agreement.

An application will be understood as accepted when the AFFILIATE receives a written confirmation via email of acceptance from HTA3D. HTA3D is committed to explain to the AFFILIATE the reasons for non-acceptance of an application.

This Affiliation Agreement does not establish any employment relationship between HTA3D and the AFFILIATE.

In accordance with R.D. 1906/1999, which regulates the contracting distance  a distancia realizada done via telephone, electronic or telematic, this agreement is valid and it is understood as signed by the AFFILIATE when applying for the admission as an HTA3D affiliate.


HTA3D Obligations

HTA3D is committed to the payment of the commissions made in favour of the AFFILIATE, under the established conditions in the following paragraphs:  

  • The commission will be added as a remainder in the Affiliate Account after the purchase. HTA3D will cancel this commission in case of returning of the product. If after the payment of a commission of a purchase supposedly finished and commissioned is returned or claimed, HTA3D will discount the amount of the paid commission from the pending of payment.

  • The amount of the commission is the percentage of the products of HTA3D sold through the AFFILIATE that meets the conditions of the previous paragraph.

  • In the case of a Company or Freelance, HTA3D will pay in the accumulated amount through the specified payment method by the AFFILIATE when applying for the admission, within the next 15 days after the request and invoicing, and with a minimum of 10€.

  • In case of an Individual, the accumulated commissions will be transfer as a remainder in the User Account to be used as discounts for the futures purchases, within the next 15 days after the request and invoicing, and with a minimum of 10€.

  • Every individual costumer, either a natural or legal person, will receive the commissions according to the politics of OpenCart. OpenCart installs a cookie when visiting with the affiliate code, and while the cookie is active the AFFILIATE will receive a commission. If the user has deactivated the cookies, his purchase will not be registered as derived of the AFFILIATE and he will not receive a commission. The AFFILIATE will not receive commissions from his own accounts.

AFFILIATE Obligations

  1. The AFFILIATE is free to promote HTA3D website, but committing to promote it exclusively through a text link in his website, in no case through emails, news groups, or any other medio. The AFFILIATE must not appropriate, modify or use HTA3D Logos in any other way which is not established in this Affiliation Agreement, and neither so that they can be mistaken identity. If the AFFILIATE does not meet these requirements will be immediately deregistered and he will lose the right of receiving the accumulated commissions.

  2. The AFFILIATE commits to:

  • No spamming (sending unsolicited commercial email or any other medio that results onerous for the receiver of the advertising), even if that spam is not related HTA3D.

  • Respet the legal rights of others.

  • That the contents of its registered websites do not violate the law or the constitutional principles.

  • To not link to websites or other resources of illegal nature or whose contents are the illegal nature or are against the terms of this Affiliate Agreement.

Personal Data

The AFFILIATE authorizes HTA3D for the use and treatment of the personal data provided. For its part, HTA3D undertakes, in the use of that information, to respect its confidentiality accessing to it only and exclusively in the terms contemplated in the Policy of Privacy of HTA3D, and not to transfer them to third parties without his consent and to use them only for the purpose for which they were collected.

HTA3D will keep an updated copy of the terms of its Privacy Policy at:

The AFFILIATE can exercise his rights of access, rectification, opposition or cancellation of his personal data, in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation of personal data, to the email [email protected].

Relations and notifications between the parties

The AFFILIATE will not have any right to force HTA3D to third parties without the express consent of HTA3D.

Unless procedural legislation demands otherwise, the parties agree to communicate by email. The parties are required to keep proof of the notifications made to the other part.


The rights and obligations of the AFFILIATE will not be subrogated by third parties without the written consent of HTA3D, that is committed to reason the causes of the not acceptation.

Agreement Modifications

HTA3D can make modifications at any moment in the terms of the agreement, communicating them to the AFFILIATE with at less 15 days in advance. It will be understood that the AFFILIATE accepts the changes if after this period of time he maintains his affiliation agreement with HTA3D.

The changes proposed by the AFFILIATE must have the express written approval of HTA3D to be valid.

Agreement Period

The current agreement shall apply from the date of acceptance by HTA3D of the application of the AFFILIATE. The duration of the current agreement is trimestral.

The current agreement is understood as renewed impliedly if the parties continue with the compliance of their contractual obligations. Therefore, at the completion of the current agreement, without any of the parts has denounced the other the resolution of the agreement with at least 15 days in advance, it will be extended by tacit agreement for a period equal to originally subscribed.

Agreement Expiration Date

The current agreement may be terminated by the unilateral order by any of the parties with a written and reliable notice with 15 days in advance.

The exercise of this faculty shall not result in the right to either party to demand compensation for damages.

Despite the above, and in accordance with the general rules of contracting, the breach by either party of the obligations shall entitle the other party to consider resolved automatically without prior notice, sufficing with a notice of this resolution to the defaulting party, indicating the will and the cause of extinction.

Partial Cancelation

If any part of this agreement is contrary to law and therefore invalid, this will not affect the other remaining lawful parts. The parties agree to renegotiate those parts of the contract that result null and to incorpórate them to the rest of the contract.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This current agreement shall be governed in all respect by the Laws of Spain and any dispute arising under this contract or in connection therewith, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Málaga, which both parties submit waiving their own jurisdiction if they had. Except that HTA3D, shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to urge proceedings in the courts of any other country in which the AFFILIATE resides or in which any of the assets of the AFFILIATE and/or companies of his group are located.