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Stock: In Stock Model: 2004 LCD
LCD 2004, for an independent printing, is an Arduino display screen, with 4 lines and 20 characters. The smart controller includes an SD card reader and encoder.You can easily connect it to your RAMPS using the included adaptater.More info..
18.99€ 7.89€ Ex Tax:6.52€
Stock: In Stock Model: 4x-clip
These clamps are used to attach the glass to the hot bed, they are small and can be easily removed. Content: 4x reversible metal clamp  ..
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Stock: In Stock Model: Destornillador-Cerámico
Ceramic slotted screwdriver, designed for use in electronic components.Antistatic handleNot a driverAnti-magneticNo electromagnetic inductionNo induced current loss in HF (high frequency)Thermally and electrically insulatedTo choose the size of the screwdriver tip.1 unit..
2.25€ Ex Tax:1.86€
Die Spring - 8x25 for M4 and M3 Die Spring - 8x25 for M4 and M3
-20 % 5 - 10 Days
Stock: 5 - 10 Days Model: ResorteTroquel-8x25
Die spring of dimensions 8x25mm, for M4 or M3.External diameter: 8mmInner diameter: 4 ~ 4.5mmLength: 25mmLoad: lightYellow colorMaterial: 65Mn spring steelCompression ratio: 58%Type: TF / SWF1 unit..
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Stock: In Stock Model: Kossel
KIT KOSSEL PLA+ABS PRINTED PARTS Based on:  This kit is printed pieces following the instructions of the designer, the structural parts are printed on high-quality PLA to provide the necessary rigidity , and the parts that are cl..
39.99€ 29.99€ Ex Tax:24.79€
Microservo TowerPro SG90 mini 9g with accessories Microservo TowerPro SG90 mini 9g with accessories
Out of Stock
Stock: Out of Stock Model: Servo-SG90
This small servo is commonly used in 3d printers to move small parts that do not need much force as arms for position sensors.- Dimensions approx: 22x11.5x27 mm- Movement speed: 0.12 sec / 60 deg at 4.8 v no load- Torque: 1.2 kg / cm to 4.8 v- Operating voltage: from 3v to 7.2v- Includes 3 arms and ..
2.75€ Ex Tax:2.27€
Printed parts for 3DSteel V2 Y Axis Printed parts for 3DSteel V2 Y Axis
New -30 %
Stock: In Stock Model: Eje-Y-3DSteel-V2
Printed parts for Y axis 3DSteel V2.Material: PETG.Contains:Belt holderStepper motor spacersLinear bearing supportIf you add the hardware kit it includes:2 M3x8 screws8 M3x12 screws2 M3x25 screws4 M3 self-locking washers8 self-locking nuts M32 M4x20 screws3 M4x25 screws2 M4 washers1 M4 self-locking ..
5.00€ 3.50€ Ex Tax:2.89€
Stock: In Stock Model: PiezasImpresas-EjeX-3DSteel
Printed parts on PETG of the X axis of the 3DSteel printer.This kit contains:X motorX IdlerTensionerOptionally you can add:X carriageHardware kit:M3x12 screw: 7 unitsM3x20 screw: 1 unitM4x25 screw: 2 unitsM3 nut: 1 unitM4 nut: 2 unitsThe color of the printed parts is black. Material PETG...
12.00€ 8.50€ Ex Tax:7.02€
Stock: In Stock Model: Prusai3-Rework
KIT PRUSA I3 REWORK PRINTED PARTS  Printed parts: -Extruder (3,00mm /1,75mm):Extruder BodyExtruder IlderGears (Improvement: These gears are helical and are specially designed for Prusa i3 Rework)Budas Adapter (Extra: With this adapter you can use any Hotend Budas-S..
32.00€ 21.00€ Ex Tax:17.36€
TFT35 touch screen - 3.5 inch - MKS TFT35 touch screen - 3.5 inch - MKS
New -20 %
Stock: In Stock Model: TFT35-MKS
Available in seven languages.Lets you preview the gcode and display the model on print.Cortex-m4 processor, 168M frequency, great definition.With 3.5 inch touch screen, simple operation interface and high sensitivity.Support for Wifi module, allows control through mobile phone APP on Android and IOS..
49.99€ 39.99€ Ex Tax:33.05€
Stock: In Stock Model: Thermal-paste-6g
It is commonly used to increase performance in Hotends All metal , is applied between the throat and the heat sink. Pre - applied in our hotend V6. Specifications: White colour Operating temperature: -50/180°C Evaporation : < 0.001 % Thermal Conductivity: >1.22 W/..
0.25€ Ex Tax:0.21€
Stock: In Stock Model: to-220-heatsink
Recommended component for the mosfet hot bed. ..
0.39€ 0.32€ Ex Tax:0.26€
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