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Stock: In Stock Model: ASA-WINKLE
The Winkle ASA filament is manufactured in Spain for 3D printers with FFF/FDM technology. ASA is acrylonitrile styrene acrylic, a thermoplastic developed as an alternative to ABS.It improves with respect to the ABS the resistance to the outdoors with high resistance to the UV rays maintaining all it..
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Basic PETG 3D filament - 1.75mm - 1kg Basic PETG 3D filament - 1.75mm - 1kg
Recommended -28 %
Stock: In Stock Model: Basic-PETG-3D-1.75
Super economical PETG with excellent value for money. This PETG stands out for offering mechanical properties much higher than PLA, in terms of working temperatures and impact resistance, while keeping the price down. Extrusion temperature around 230 ° C -250 ° C Recommended temperature ho..
20.00€ 14.45€ Ex Tax:11.94€
Filamento rígido de PETG - 1.75mm - Recreus - 750g
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Stock: In Stock Model: PETG-Recreus
Recreus PETG is a rigid filament that has mechanical properties comparable to ABS, with good temperature resistance, durability and strength, and is as easy to print as PLA. Its properties of adhesion between layers, its non-emission of odours and its high resistance to chemical agents (solvent..
24.90€ 22.00€ Ex Tax:18.18€
Stock: In Stock Model: PETG-Sakata-1.75mm
Premium high resolution filament, ease of molding, printing and engraving, high rigidity and low shrinkagePrinting temperature : 225-245ºCHot bed temperature : 60ºCSupported printing speed : up to 200mm/sDiameter variability +/- 0,03mmCompatible with all FDM printers..
35.00€ 24.50€ Ex Tax:20.25€
PETG Filament - 1,75mm - Tucab PETG Filament - 1,75mm - Tucab
Only a few units in stock -28 %
Stock: In Stock Model: PETG-Tucab-1.75mm
FEATURES:High rigidityEasy to printGreat flexibilityIt is not toxicGreat mechanical resistanceGreat versatilityRecommended temperatures:Extruder: 210ºC - 250ºCHeated bed: 50ºC - 90ºCLayer fan is recommendedNominal diameter:1.75 mmCoil:Gross weight: 1.4 kgNet weight: 1 kg Packaging:Vacuum packed..
25.75€ 18.50€ Ex Tax:15.29€
Stock: In Stock Model: PETG-WINKLE
Filament manufactured in Spain for 3D printers with FFF/FDM technology. PETG is polyethylene terephthalate, with a modifier (Glycol-modified), which makes a change in the chemical structure that makes it more transparent, less fragile and easy to print.This PETG, improves on ABS in being resistant a..
12.50€ 11.45€ Ex Tax:9.46€
RE PETG Filament - Recicled - 1,75mm - Sakata 3D
New -22 %
Stock: In Stock Model: RE-PETG-Sakata-1.75mm
These new materials are manufactured through the recovery of production material, therefore we ensure rigorous quality and characteristics. Each production batch has its own uniform and peculiar tone derived from the mixture of filaments of various colours, which makes it ideal for prototypes, model..
22.95€ 17.99€ Ex Tax:14.87€
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