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eFil Flexible Filament - 1.75mm
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Stock: Out of Stock Model: eFil
It has been designed to make a perfect impression on your 3D printer. The material is additivated so that working with it is easy and comfortable. With it you will get flexible and precise parts.eFil is a flexible filament with soft touch, low friction and deformable, resistant to UV and ozone rays,..
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eFil-HT Semi-rigid Filament - 1.75mm
Stock: Discontinued Model: eFil-HT
eFil-HT is the ultra-strong 3Dfils filament. It is the perfect alternative to most rigid materials on the market. It is a high performance material for 3D printing, with a higher abrasion resistance than nylon. As easy to print as PLA has excellent warping-free printing properties.HT stands for high..
15.50€ Ex Tax:12.81€
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