Insulator Sock for heating block V6 - Version with PT100 thermistor

-22% Insulator Sock for heating block V6 - Version with PT100 thermistor

Silicone sock for the V6 heating block, its main advantages that keeps the nozzle clean and helps maintain temperature.


  • Manufactured from a non-stick silicone material, heat resistant, it will repel the accumulation of molten plastic. What helps with sticky materials and materials that tend to accumulate in the nozzles.
  • It offers a great increase in temperature stability keeping the heat inside the hotend. When high air flow is used to cool the printing it can be especially useful, as it will help to print overhangs and bridges, allowing the piece to cool down and keeping the hotend temperature stable.
  • Easy placement. It is simply placed on the block and when it is hot the silicone will expand to the correct size to fit the hotend. Valid for all nozzle sizes in the range of 0.25 mm to 0.8 mm.
  • They are very durable. Depending on what materials you print and how much you use, it can wear out at the tip of the nozzle. With materials that are not sticky like ABS, it can have an almost infinite life. With more sticky materials can suffer more deterioration.
  • It will keep the nozzle clean, avoiding plastic burned on it.

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