We introduce you one of our latest printings as followers and users of Pokémon Go. 


As you can see, it is an assembly of different pieces in three different colours that, with the aid of a small coil and a short segment of filament, it opens and closes itselft smoothly. Whether it works, it only depends on your ability as Pokémon coach! 



You can find the link to the stl file on thingiverse: 





The printing parameters are: 


3D Printer: P3steel HTA3D 
Layer Height: 0.2mm 
Infill: 20% 
Hotend Temperature: 220º first layer, 210º rest 
Heated Bed Temperature: 75º first layer, 60º rest 
Top solid layers: 10 
Bottom solid layers: 6 
Perimeters: 4 
Support: Generated for 60º angles and superior 

-Red part: PLA Sakata 3D 
-Black and white parts: PLA Easy Printing – All Colors Materials 3D