HTA3D Single Extruder - optimized for flexible filament - Mk8 and V6

-19% HTA3D Single Extruder - optimized for flexible filament - Mk8 and V6

HTA3D Single Extruder - optimized for flexible filament - Mk8 and V6

Based on:


  • Extremely precise movement of the filament through the stainless steel MK8, considered the best at the market 

  • Greater extrusion control, the filament glides smoothly across the teflon tube, avoiding precision losses caused by friction 

  • Great thermal control thanks to hotend V6 

  • You can print higher, because it is very compact in Z 

  • Lighter and stable 


  • Recommended steps/mm 304 if you use controllers with resolution 1/32. And152 if you use resolution1/16 controllers (with stepper motors of 1.8 °)

  • Retración recom 1.7 to 30mm / s (0.057s), you save time and trouble extrusion loss

  • Maximum temperature 300ºC (limited by the thermistor)

  • Compatible with X Carriages 4 screws (as used in the Prussian i3 rework and Wilson)


  • Kit extruder:

    • V6 Hotend All metal. 3010 equipped with fan, 40w cartridge heater and 100kΩ NTC thermistor

    • Motor Nema 17 - length 40mm

    • Printed Parts

    • Mk8 pulley 1.75mm

    • Bearing 623zz

  • Screws:

    • 4x M4x25

    • 1x M3x35 - With spring washers.

    • 4x M3x30

    • 2x M3x25

    • 1x M3x16

    • 3x M3x12

    • 2x M3x8

    • Stud bolt 1x M3x10

  • Nuts:

    • 4x M4

    • 1x M3

  • Extra:

    • X Carriage

      Add the printed piece to the X carriage without bearings

    • Chains

      Add 22 links to the X-axis energy chain

    • Fan Layer 40x40mm

      Fan added layer 40x40mm with printed piece.

More information: 

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All our kits are printed with high quality materials, producing very strong and durable parts.

  • Dimensional:

The gears are completely round and the teeth fit deeply.

  • ​Infill:

​All pieces have an approximately infill of 40% plus a minimum perimeter of 1 mm (lower, upper and sides).

  • Superficial:

All parts are inspected after being printed in order to look for flaws. They have, as it is natural, the characteristics of the 3D printing process.


Custom products

This product is prepared according to the customer requirements, thus, the handling time is between 24 and 72 hours approximately.

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Hotend, it is the element that melts the filament: 

Nozzle, it the extreme of the extruder, and defines the thickness of the filament being extruded: 

We offer a wide range to choose from for your application, nozzles around 0.4mm are the most popular choices. Smaller diameters provide higher resolution and larger diameters print faster and stronger parts

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