-36% P3STEEL by HTA3D - DIY Kit

► Structure made of Steel

► Printing volume 200x200x210mm

► LCD 128x64 in your language, with SD card reader

► Updated Marlin 1.1.8 already installed 

► Quick filament change command M600 or from the LCD, very useful for multi colour printing

► Semi auto platform leveling integrated on the LCD 

30/33 Amperes Power Supply, with lighted switch and safety terminarls on the connections

► Hotend V6 All metal able to print the most demanding filaments as Nylon, PC, etc.

► Hotend V6 with teflon optimized for flexible filament, a success for the drones fans 

► Assembly tutorial step by step on video



This kit contains the necessary parts to build the P3STEEL redesigned by HTA3D.

Due to its performance this is the model we use for our printings.


Printing volume: 200x200x210 (XYZ).

Maximum printing speed recommended: 160x160x3 mm/s.

Compatible with all 1.75mm filaments that print under 300ºC (or 245ºC if you prefer the extruder with teflon).

Resolution: 6,25 microns in X and Y, 0.125 microns in Z.

Compatibility with nozzles from 0.2mm to 1mm (0.20 0.25 0.30 0.35 0.40 0.50 0.60 0.80 and 1.00). We recommend intermediate values if it is your first 3d printer (0.4 is ideal).



  • Every axis has its endstop clearly indentified in its position. In addition, we use endstops with LED indicator, already welded and wired.

  • Cable holder chain for X axis.

  • F624zz bearings for the X and Y axis and tensioners.

  • Assembly instructions detailed on video (see tab "Assembly Tutorial").

Error Corrections:

  • No dead zones, such as the upper side of X axis generated in others versions

  • Fixed the problem with the nut that collided Y motor 

  • Fixed the problem for which the belt of the Y axis stayed bad alligned and generated unwanted tensions

  • Changed the parts that fastened the Y carriage bearings for others that don't deform the bearings, they can't lave their position and they are easier to install. 

HTA3D Extruder:

  • Mk8 Pulley, made of stainless steel, provides a very accurate and powerful extrusion

  • Hotend V6, ensures greater control over temperature, as well as outstanding performance

  • Its location provides us a great advantage in Z (210mm) and minimizes the oscillations

  • Layer fan included

  • Recommended retraction: from 1,7 to 30mm/s (0.057s)

  • Filament presence sensor included- experimental function (present in Marlin 1.1.0 RC2, a release candidate to stable).

Y Carriage lightened:

  • Lightened the weight of this part, decreasing the weight in 300 grams.

  • The Heatbed is now easily calibrated using only one hand, and thanks to the self locking nuts it will stay calibrated during many printings

Filament support integrated:

  • This component is very important as it has a considerable impact on the print quality. Our system includes bearings 608ZZ, which avoids filament jerks and provides a fluid filament supply from start to finish

Electronic Box:

  • The electronic is protected from accidental contact, and well refrigerated thanks to a 6cm diameter fan.

Case for the LCD (LCD included):

  • Forget about having the printer attached to the computer, you will print independently and will have a total control over the printing.

Protector for the power supply terminals, with switch:

  • We have taken care of every detail of this kit, so with this simple component you can turn off and on the printer easily and safely.

Dimensions and weight of the 3D Printer:

The weight of the printer may vary depending on the chosen components and extras. For a basic configuration the weight is approximately 11.5 kg.

The outer dimension of the printer is approximately: 47x38x60 cm (having into account a standar coil of filament). We have to bear in mind also that the Y axis (38cm) moves, so it needs some space at the rear and at the front of the printer.

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  1. Galvanized steel  frame (3mm)

  2. Threaded and Smooth Rod Kit

  3. Printed Parts

  4. Electronic

  5. Movement Kit 

  6. Nuts and Bolts Kit

  7. Available Options

1. Galvanized steel frame (3mm):

Laser cutting of a high-quality galvanized steel sheet, according to our redesign, with the following improvements:

  • Dramatically lightened the Y axis carriage, in order to improve dynamic behavior.

  • Filament support included.

  • Fixed the problem with the upper left side (the extruder collided with it), and also the problem of the nut that collided with Y axis motor.

  • Modified the distance between the two pieces that make the Y axis tensioner, so as to hold the F624zz bearings with washers. Also, modified the hole diameter. 

  • Y axis measures 350mm now, the extra 9mm are added on the front side. 

  • Y axis bearing holder and Y axis belt holder are replaced by printed parts, as the metalic parts caused troubles.

2. Theaded and Smooth Rod Kit: 

  • 2x 375mm Smooth Rods – Stainless Steel

  • 2x 350mm Smooth Rods – Stainless Steel

  • 2x 320mm Smooth Rods – Stainless Steel

  • 2x 300mm M5 Threaded Rods – Stainless Steel (When Z Axis: M5 is selected) / 2x 300mm T8x8 Threaded Rods – Stainless Steel (When Z Axis: Leadscrews is selected)

  • 1x Smooth Rod for filament support

The cutting is done by hand, so that the meassure can be slightly higher (+ 1mm or similar) not lower. All rods are shipped without burr and the edges filed down properly.

3. Printed Parts:

  • Extruder (1,75mm):

    • Body

    • Extruder Idler

    • Manual advance wheel

    • Reinforcement

    • Layer fan 4020 support

    • Cable holder chain

  • X axis:

    • X Motor and X ilder, with tensioner for F624zz bearing

    • X axis carriage

    • X axis endstop support

  • Y axis:

    • Belt holder

    • Lm8uu holder

    • Separators for motors

    • Corners for calibrating the Heatbed

    • Y axis endstop support

  • Z axis:

    • Z Axis upper side for MR105

    • Z axis endstop support

  • Box for Ramps 1.4

  • LCD Case

  • Cover for power supply

  • Printed parts for a smooth running of filament

*You can choose the colour, otherwise, we will ship them randomly.

4. Electronics

  • Mega 2560 R3 (Compatible) 16u2

  • Ramps 1.4 (with aluminium heatsink)

  • Stepper Motor Driver DRV8825 x 4 (with heatsinks and thermal double-sided tape)

  • Heated Bed MK2B (12v/24v) (or the version you choose)

  • Termistor 100k Ω  NTC 3950  (1m wire)

  • 5x Stepper Motor Nema 17 - 17HS4401 or  3x 17HS4401 + 2x 17HS4401s-T8x8-310MM (as option)

  • 3x Mechanical Endstop (wired)

  • 1x Optical Endstop (for experimental filament presence sensor)

  • 1x Fan 4020 (layer fan)

  • 1x Fan 6010 for electronics

  • 1x Hotend All Metal V6 equippped with ceramic heater, with thermistor, and 3010 fan. Nozzle at your choice

  • 12v 30/33a DC Power Supply with switch, printed part, 1mm2 wire y power adapter

  • LCD with rotary encoder, SD reader and adapter for Ramps

  • Kapton Tape15mmx33m 
    Insulating tape resistant to high temperatures, highly recommended, as it serves to insulate the connectios (for example the Heated Bed) and to hold cables.

  • Thermal Insulation for Heated Bed
    Increases the rate of heating of the bed, reduces energy consumption, and protects the electronics
    (We recommend to isolate with kapton the part in contact with the Heated Bed)

  • 50cm shrinkable  2mm2

  • HeatBed wires (1mm2)

  • Fan wires

  • 1m protection for cables (spirals)  y flanges

5. Movement Kit:

  • 12x Linear bearings LM8UU or 12X IGUS DRYLIN® RJ4JP 01-08

  • 4x Angular bearings F624zz (for X and Y)

  • 1x Angular bearings 623zz for extruder)

  • 2x Bearings Mr105zz (for Z axis when "M5 version is chosen")

  • 2x Bearingss 608zz for the filament coil

  • 2x Couplers Shaft 5x5mm (for Z axis when "M5 version is chosen") / 2x Couplers Shaft 5x8mm (for Z axis when "Leadscrews version is chosen")

  • 2m Belt GT2, made of neoprene with reinforcerd fiberglass

  • 2x GT2 Pulley, 20 teeth, aluminium

6. Nuts and Bolts Kit:

  • 1x Mk8 extruder pulley for 1.75mm

  • Screws:

    • M3x8   - 14 units

    • M3x12 - 70 units

    • M3x16  - 7 units

    • M3x20 - 4 units

    • M3x25 - 8 units

    • M3x30 - 8 units + 1 fully threaded

    • M3x35 - 1 unit (with spring and 2 washers)

    • M4x6 - 4 units

    • M4x20 - 3 units

    • M4x25 - 9 units

    • Setscrew M3x10 - 1units

  • Washer:

    • 4 x M3 DIN 9021

    • 12 x M3 self locking

    • 4 x M4

  • Nust:

    • 61xM3 self locking

    • 13xM3 normal

    • 1xM4 self locking

    • 7xM4 normal

    • 2xM5 Nylon (Only on M5 version)

  • Extra:

    • 4 x Springs for Heated Bed

Dimensions and weight of the packaging:


The weight of the kit may vary depending on the chosen components and extras. For a basic configuration the weight is approximately 12kg and the packaging dimensions from 40x40x20cm.

New step by step tutorials:

We have prepared a new updated tutorial serie, with further information about available options. Also printable, so you don't need a display to follow the instructions:

  1. Tutorial 1 - Estructure and Y Axis
  2. Tutorial 2 for M5 - X Axis and Z Axis

  3. Tutorial 2 for T8 Leadscrews - X axis and Z Axis

  4. Tutorial 3 - Heated Bed

  5. Tutorial 4 - Extruder

  6. Tutorial 5 - Power Supply

  7. Tutorial 6 - Electronics and connectios

  8. Tutorial 7 - Last Adjustments

  9. Tutorial 8 - Hotend Flow Calibration


Assembly Tutorial (Spanish with english subtitles):  

Important: We recommend reading the instructions in this tab completely, in addition to following the assembly from here since we have included additional information to the videos.


  • Thermistors have now dupont connector, no soldering required.
  • Stepper motors include cable connector on base. In addition, we ship them with the wires in the correct order for Ramps 1.4. So you do not have to change the order.
  • Marlin updated to 1.1.0 RC 7 version:
    • Improved filament change system from the LCD or using command M600
    • Bed leveling function optimized, get easily a perfect first layer.
    • Small bugs fixed, now more information is displayed on the LCD.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How all fans are connected to the printer?
    ​Fans are connected as follows:
    • Layer fan: Connected to D9 as indicated in the video
    • Hotend fan: connected directly to 12v, the connection can be done like on the video or connected to the output of 12v on Ramps 1.4 
    • Electronics Fan: connected directly to 12v, the connection can be done like on the video or connected to the output of 12v on Ramps 1.4 
  • The extruder motor does not move when I try to move it from the LCD.
    Marlin has a protection to prevent accidental movement, so the extruder will not move with temperatures under 170°C. Try heating the hotend over this temperature and the extruder will move

Assembly drawings:

Xmotor, Leadscrews version:

X idler, Leadscrews version:

Extruder detail, Leadscrews version:

HotEnd detail, Leadscrews version:


Connection Diagram of RAMPS 1.4:

Order and Orientation of the Stepper Motor wires:

  • Keep the colour order of the wire; the RED wire goes DOWNWARDS when connecting to the RAMPS.


Additional considerations:

  • Connect limit switches as indicated in the video or scheme, an incorrect connection can damage the Mega board.

If during installation you have any question, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you!

  1. We are manufacturers:
    • Buying from us you make sure you are buying at the best price of the market, as you avoid intermediaries that make the product more expensive. 
    • We perform the quality control of our components and we choose the best manufacturers, priorizating national and European manufacturers. 
  2. We choose the best components by default. This kit includes by default components such as: 
    • 30/33A Power Supply. Forget about cheap power supplies with insufficient power, that in the long run cause troubles. 
    • DRV8825 Drivers by default, in other kits the final cost if choosing this drivers increases, which are more silence and powerful that the A4988 drivers.
    • LCD with graphics and text in your language*1128x64 pixels, backlit , with SD reader and potentiometer, by default. 
  3. We take care of the last detail:
    • LCD and Ramps 1.4 cases. You will avoid overheating problems thanks to the silence 6010 fan for the Ramps 1.4. 
    • Power Supply case  with switch and terminals for the connections. It is not only a very practical improvement, but also it improves the security using the printer. 
    • Cable holder chain for X axis as default, it improves not only the aesthetic of the printer as it hides a great part of the wires, but also it prevents from pullings on the X axis wires. 
  4. We offer the best Customer Support: 
    • For us the Customer Support starts before the purchase, the Assembly Video Tutorials are available so you can see the assembly process even before of the purchase, we don't hide anything from you.
    • We send the electronic with the drivers calibrated and the firmware uploaded, without extra cost, in order to make the assembly easier. 
    • We answer any question before and after the purchase. Do you want to check it? We invite you to ask us any question you may have using our contact form, we will answer them as soon as possible. 
  5. Secure shopping:
    • We offer PayPal and RedSys as secure payment platforms. We don't charge commissions to use them, forget about unpleasant surprises.
    • We work with the main transport companies, in a national and international level. We have the most competitive rates, and we package the products using first quality packaging so you don't need to worry about them. If any componet got damaged during the transport, we would replace it.


*1: We choose a language among the available, the customer can choose the language leaving a note on the purchase: 

* en English * pl Polish * fr French * de German * es Spanish * ru Russian * it Italian * pt Portuguese * pt-br Portuguese (Brazil) * fi Finnish * an Aragonese * nl Dutch * ca Catalan * eu Basque-Euskera * cn Chinese * jp Japanese (Katakana) * cz Czech


The preparation time is only 24 - 72h

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Available Options

Tags: P3Steel, 1.75mm,

Frame, it is the main component of the printer structure and provides the rigidity and stability: 

Z Axis,  it is the axis that performs the vertical movement, it has a great repercussion in the layer precision: 

Hotend, it is the element that melts the filament: 

Nozzle, it the extreme of the extruder, and defines the thickness of the filament being extruded: 

We offer a wide range to choose from for your application, nozzles around 0.4mm are the most popular choices. Smaller diameters provide higher resolution and larger diameters print faster and stronger parts

Printing Surface, it heats up the surface so the filament can adhere to it easily: 

Ramps (RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield), it is the electronic component that controls the printer power: 

Lineal Movement:

You can add some extras for your kit. We recommend the borosilicate tempered glass, as it is the perfect 3D printing surface, it is very flat, resistant and easy to clean 


Kit - DIY - Uploaded firmware and calibrated stepper motor drivers: without any extra cost, we assemble your electronic, uploaded the firmware and calibrate the stepper motor drivers ¡just to make it easier for you! 

We do it based on the chosen configuration, we can also upload the firmwate in the language you prefer (just leaving a note with the purchase or emailing us to info@hta3d.com. By default, it will be uploaded in the official language of the destination country. 

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