All Metal Hotend V6 for 1.75mm filament - encapsulated thermitor version

New! -57% All Metal Hotend V6 for 1.75mm filament - encapsulated thermitor version

The main advantage of this Hotend with respect to the conventional V6 is the change of the heating block and thermistor.

It is an encapsulated thermistor, which makes it more resistant to deterioration and breakage.

Also, as an insulator, use a silicone sock specially adapted for the heating block. This sock helps keep the temperature more stable and the nozzle cleaner.

In addition, it includes blue Teflon, made of polytetrafluoroethylene resin by pressing. Which has the smallest coefficient of friction in plastic, so it is difficult to adhere the filament to it, avoiding jams.

You can choose the resistance for 12 or 24 V.

If you choose the Teflon version, we recommend keeping the BSP connector to prevent the teflon from receding.


    • It can print any material (All Metal Version): from PLA, due to it thermical barrier made of stainless steel and its dissipation with forced ventilation, to Nylon, Polycarbonate, Polyoxymethylene y others thermoplastics which need higher temperatures. And also, as it is natural, it can print any kind of ABS, including high temperature ones.
    • Wear resistant: as it doesn't content Teflon or Peek it is extremely resistant.
    • Overheating resistant (All Metal Version): The temperature limit is around 260/350 °C, limited by the thermistor, which has very low cost if replacement is necessary. Also the thermistor to be encapsulated, is more resistant to breakage.
    • Possibility of melting high speeds due to its metallic design and the possibility of reaching high temperatures.
    • Easy maintenance as it can be completely disassembled for cleaning in case of obstruction.
    • The insulating sock helps keep the temperature more stable and the nozzle cleaner.
    • The Teflon version makes extrusion easier with filaments that have high friction as the flexible, because it is a very non-stick material, it is also more tolerant with different extrusion temperatures and retractions to prevent clogging.

    High quality body "All Metal":

    • Aluminum heatsink with "Groove Mount" type mounting.

    • Bowden adapter

    • Thermal barrier (throat) made of stainless steel.

    • Aluminum heating block with space for the heater and thermistor.

    • Copper nozzle for optimum performance.

    Content (assembled):

    • You can choose the nozzle in diameter
    • Ceramic heater in stainless steel, you can choose between 12 / 24V 
    • Encapsulated thermistor 100kΩ (Marlin option 1)
    • Heating block
    • Throat
    • Aluminum disipator
    • Bowden connector (x2)
    • Blue Teflon (1m approx)
    • 3010 12/24V fan with 1m cable, with clamping piece produced by injection
    • Silicone sock to keep it clean and at a more stable temperature

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    Hotend, it is the element that melts the filament: 

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