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Stock: In Stock Model: 3DTouch-MKS
Simple, light and precise automatic leveling system.Includes the classic short cable and extension cable with DuPont connectors (and XH2.56 plug to change if desired).1 unit..
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MKS Sgen_L - 32 Bit Board for 3D Printer - Compatible with UART Drivers MKS Sgen_L - 32 Bit Board for 3D Printer - Compatible with UART Drivers
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Stock: Out of Stock Model: Sgen_L-MKS
Version V2.0MKS SGEN_L V2.0 es una potente placa de control de impresora 3D de 32 bits.CPU LPC1769 120MHZ de alta frecuencia y más velocidad de procesamientoEEPROM 4KB integradaConexión para eje Z dualCompatible con 12 V y 24VAdmite el modo UART, SPI y STEP / DIR.For more information click here...
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TFT35 touch screen - 3.5 inch - MKS TFT35 touch screen - 3.5 inch - MKS
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Stock: In Stock Model: TFT35-MKS
Available in seven languages.Lets you preview the gcode and display the model on print.Cortex-m4 processor, 168M frequency, great definition.With 3.5 inch touch screen, simple operation interface and high sensitivity.Support for Wifi module, allows control through mobile phone APP on Android and IOS..
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Stock: In Stock Model: TMC2209-MKS
The TMC2209 has all the functions of the TMC2208, it can be replaced directly. The TMC2209 have a better heat dissipation, support a higher current and the Sensorless Homing version.Features:Ultra quiet.Great heat dissipation.Compatible with Sensorless homing function.Supports UART mode by configuri..
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Stock: In Stock Model: Modulo-Wifi-MKS
Version 1.0Based on the ESP8266 WIFI module, Makerbase develops this tool that allows us to configure the Wifi function in a simple and practical way for our 3D printers.Makerbase has developed its own firmware, based on the popular Esp3D.Also, useful plugins and documentation that can be found upda..
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