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Stock: In Stock Model: 3DTouch-MKS
Simple, light and precise automatic leveling system.Includes the classic short cable and extension cable with DuPont connectors (and XH2.56 plug to change if desired).1 unit..
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Stock: In Stock Model: DLC32
Version: 2.1MKS DLC32 motherboard kit, is an offline engravinf master control kit developed for desktop engraving machines. The hardware is equipped with a 32-bit high-speed ESP32 module, integrated WIFI function, and directly drives a 3.5-inch touch colour screen; it can realize fast engraving and ..
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Stock: In Stock Model: Gen_L
Versión: 2.1Features:Integrate 2560 and Ramps 1.4  to one PCB, easier wiring and more stable.Use high quality 4-layer PCB.Use Marlin firmware, same configuration way as Ramps 1.4, it can replace Ramps 1.4 directly.Use special power chip, support 12V and 24V.Support a variety of stepper drivers...
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Stock: In Stock Model: Mini12864-MKS
Version: 3.0The MKS mini 12864 smart display has a RGB back light.LCD Driver: SR7567Logic level: Support  3.5V, 5V logic inputBacklight mode: Neopixel RGB adjustable backlightBacklight adjustment: Lights -> light presets (Marlin)Firmware support: Marlin 2.0, KlipperMore info here...
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Stock: In Stock Model: 3MOS-MKS
MKS 3MOS is a connection fan module. The module integrates 3 MOS control outputs, and its pins and dimensions are compatible with pluggable motor drive slots. It can be used directly by connecting to the drive slot and simply configuring the pin file. Suitable for motherboards with more than 5 axis ..
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Stock: In Stock Model: Eagle-MKS
MKS Eagle is an integrated version of Nano V3.0. Features:Cortex-M4 with FPU 32-bit, 168 MHz. Flash: 512 KB. RAM: 192KB.Compatible with UBS disk printing and TF card printing.Supports Virtual USB Device function.Integrated 5 TMC2209 driver with UART mode.Integrated snap-on drive heat sink and a..
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Stock: In Stock Model: Monster8-MKS
MKS Monster8 is an 8 axis motherboard. The firmware support Marlin 2.0.x and Klipper. Hardware:MCU is STM32F407VET6, 168MHz, 512K flash, 192KB RAMDC12-24V input (2 MP1584EN Output DC12V(For FANs) and DC5V)4 heaters + 4 temps interface(H-BED,HE0,HE1,HE2; TB, TH0,TH1,TH2)3 PWM FANs + 3 power outp..
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MKS Sgen_L - 32 Bit Board for 3D Printer - Compatible with UART Drivers MKS Sgen_L - 32 Bit Board for 3D Printer - Compatible with UART Drivers
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Stock: Out of Stock Model: Sgen_L-MKS
Version V2.0MKS SGEN_L V2.0 es una potente placa de control de impresora 3D de 32 bits.CPU LPC1769 120MHZ de alta frecuencia y más velocidad de procesamientoEEPROM 4KB integradaConexión para eje Z dualCompatible con 12 V y 24VAdmite el modo UART, SPI y STEP / DIR.For more information click here...
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Stock: In Stock Model: Robin-Nano
Version: 3.1Robin nano V3.1 is an upgraded version of Robin Nano V3.0, change the MCU from STM32F407VGT6 to STM32F407VET6. What is more, Robin Nano V3.1 improves the anti-interference performance, such as adding Schottky diodes to the temperature measurement circuit and MOS circuit, and adding TVS p..
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Stock: In Stock Model: Robin-Wifi
MKS Robin WIFI is developed by Makerbase based on ESP8266 module, it is used on MKS Robin series motherboard for remote control and monitor.Features:Automatic search after power on.Repeater/pronterface remote control instead of usb.With "MKS Plugin" (developed by Makerbase for Cura), cura remote con..
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TFT35 touch screen - 3.5 inch - MKS TFT35 touch screen - 3.5 inch - MKS
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Stock: Out of Stock Model: TFT35-MKS
Available in seven languages.Lets you preview the gcode and display the model on print.Cortex-m4 processor, 168M frequency, great definition.With 3.5 inch touch screen, simple operation interface and high sensitivity.Support for Wifi module, allows control through mobile phone APP on Android and IOS..
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Stock: In Stock Model: TMC2209-MKS
The TMC2209 has all the functions of the TMC2208, it can be replaced directly. The TMC2209 have a better heat dissipation, support a higher current and the Sensorless Homing version.Features:Ultra quiet.Great heat dissipation.Compatible with Sensorless homing function.Supports UART mode by configuri..
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