It is usual that new 3D printing users feel overwhelmed by the quantity of information we can find on Internet. There is a lot of  high quality information, but it is also quite easy to get lost and feel confused. 

On the other hand, advanced users may discover interesting things in these links. 

We will try to keep updated these links. And also, we accept suggestions and recommendations. 


Reference Websites - It is the main website of the reprap project, in it you can find everything, from information about the beginnings of the reprap projects to very updated tutorials. - Marlin is the firmware the bigger impact has had inside this movement, it is open source and it evolves continuously. It is a fundamental part of any 3D printer. - It is one of the best programs to generate the code that our 3d printer reads, also called "Gcode". - Repetier Host is a program used for the management of the printer. It incorporates several cutting engines to generate gcode (Slic3r, CuraEngine and Skeinforge), and a tool to communicate with the printer from USB. You can also find its own firmware and other tools. 


Collaboratives Websites (wiki) - It is the encyclopedia that contains the biggest amount of information about 3D printing. You can find plenty of projects in it. 

Proyecto Clone Wars - It is the movement that represents the Reprap community in Spain, its purpose is to document any open source knowledge regarding with 3D printing in Spanish.


Troubleshooting Guide Guide - Official and open source, it is the most complete.

Quality Printing Troubleshooting Guide of Simplify3D  - It offers excellent indications, with high quality images of the main troubles we can find. 

Troubleshooting Guide for the 23 most common 3D printing problems - All3d - In this case they sum up the troubles to the 22 most usual troubles. 

Explanation of the use of oil for all metal hotends - It is a very usual problem with a easy solution, so reading this article is more than recommendable. 


Communities - A very active community in Spanish, you can find information and projects related to 3d printing, but also to CNC, and in general to everything a "Maker" likes. - Probably the biggest Maker community that you can find; although 3D printing is the main subject, they don't leave aside topics as electronic, CNC, etc. 

Grupo Clone Wars -  There are the project reprap foros in Spanish, you can find plenty of interesting articles, and also ask questions or help other users. 


Youtube Channels


Thomas Sanladerer - He is a "Youtuber" especialized  in 3D printing, he publishes excellent quality contents very frequently. - Especialized channel in 3D printing, he uses some of our components, as the HTA3D extruder. 


Featured videos


Extruder calibration Part 1 - Part 2 - It is a tutorial that explains how to calibrate the extrusion of the hotend, it is part of a very recommendable serie of videos.

Extruder cleaning- using "Atomic Method" or "Cold pull".

Prusa i2 assembly guide by Obijuan (Juan González Gómez) - It is one of the first Spanish tutorials, it is very complete and detailed; although many things has been updated it is still very useful. 


Other interesting links


Explanation of how to calibrate the extrusion by MatterHackers - It is important to know the minimum retraction that we need to print, thus we can avoid jams and we will save printing time. 

AnBeta article - Explanation of the oil method to minimize jams in All metal extruders.